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5 Popular Uses Of Travertine Tiles

by:Heng Xing     2020-06-10
Travertine is a natural calcite material known for its uses in many areas of your home. Let us discuss a few popular uses and why it is gaining so much popularity. Visual appeal Travertine tiles have gained popularity as reliable building materials and used in many residences and commercial applications. They are popularly used for flooring, wall cladding and backsplashes. Travertine has both outdoor and indoor uses. The visual appeal is aesthetic and is an extremely functional material. Travertine is versatile This is a natural stone and has a unique beauty. Homeowners like the rustic and modern appeal of these stones, based on the finishes. They look good in bathrooms, where the floor, walls and sinks feature this material. The striking patterns and venation of this stone make it a popular choice in the bathroom and kitchen. Kitchen floors can have travertine tiles with a coat of sealant, to make it more durable. This stone brings a lot of character to the interior or exterior space. Suitable for wet areas Many homeowners worry about the porous nature of travertine, which is known as a hindrance in the wet areas. However, the filled types of travertine are suitable for the bathrooms and other wet areas. Use of a sealant on the surface, will fill the pores and make it long-lasting. In fact, a lot of newer versions of the traditional travertine is specifically for bathroom uses. They are well polished and the porous nature is completely lost. Many variants based on finish Finishes like the honed, polished, tumbled and brushed are available in this stone. The best finishes for bathroom are the honed and tumbled ones. Honed finish is a matte finish and softens the visual effect of the interior. Tumbled variety gives an antique appearance and the colours are very natural. You can create rustic interiors with this finish. These finishes can withstand spills and are perfect for wet areas. The polished variety is smooth while a natural glaze. It looks best when used in the kitchens and backsplashes. Brushed finish gives a worn-out appearance and thus used in the exteriors. Ease of maintenance Travertine tiles are best for bathrooms and showers. They are easy to keep up, with sealant application. Talk to your tiles vendor about the right type of sealant for use in bathrooms on travertine stones. Installation is an important process to increase tiles' longevity. Hiring a professional for this process is beneficial in the long run. They can lay them evenly without any gaps and fill the grout perfectly. It is a trend in the recent times to use the unfinished stones for tubs and sinks. These give the bathroom a rustic finish and look very elegant. Bathrooms in the present age use natural light efficiently. Travertine has many uses and experts recommend it for use in residences and commercial complexes.
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