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7 Things You Need To Know Before You Lay Kitchen

by:Heng Xing     2020-03-31
There are a number of aspects that need to be considered before beginning to tile a kitchen floor. Some of them are given below. Plan To Tile The Floor Before Cabinet Installation In a number of remodeling projects, the last thing to be installed is the floor. However, in a kitchen new floor should be laid prior to cabinet installation. If you are tiling an old kitchen, then the perfect way is to remove the countertop, base cabinets, and sink. You then have to tile the floor and reinstall all of them. How Much Of The Kitchen Floor Should You Tile? Determine the number of tiles you will need by calculating the area of your kitchen requiring tiling. Tiling the entire floor is a good option. Alternatively, at least plan to tile the floor past the space of the base cabinets. How Many Days Does Tiling A Floor Take? Two to three days is the time for tiling a medium-sized kitchen. You need to know this to give yourself ample time to prepare the floor. You can give yourself an additional half day to this schedule to do away with old flooring. Do You Need Underlayment? If you are tiling over material other than concrete, you need to buy yourself cement boards. You will need to cut the cement board to the appropriate size using a cement board scoring tool. You will also need liquid nails and screws to fix the board onto the floor. What Size Of Tile Should You Purchase? Kitchen floor tile of size up to 12 inch square looks apt. Larger tiles are more difficult in installing. They're heavier and you will have to lay them in a standing position or by leaning over, which adds to the cumbersomeness of the process. Is Sealing Required For The Tile? Sealing is required for some of the floor tiles before they are laid. To know if this is necessary, drop some water on the tile. If water is present even after 30 minutes, it can be used as such. However, if the water droplets are absorbed, these kitchen floor tiles have to be sealed. Purchase a superior-quality sealant and spray on the tile using a spray bottle. Allow it to dry after you wipe with a clean cloth. Size Of The Tiles It is possible that the tiles can vary in size. If this happens, then the whole tiling project will be a mess. Before you begin tiling, it is important to measure all four sides of five or ten tiles. If you find the sizes to vary, then you can use A�-inch size spacers. Following this, adjust the grout lines to make the overall appearance even. Tiling a kitchen floor can turn out to be cumbersome and tricky if the proper planning is not carried out prior to the project. So, plan ahead and determine the variables before embarking on the project.
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