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Add Style and Light With Mirrors and Tiles

by:Heng Xing     2020-05-21
Mirrors are a great decorative feature. Don't think of them just as a device for seeing your reflection in. A well placed mirror can change the look and feel of a room entirely, and are a good investment for adding an extra dimension to your room. Firstly a large mirror will give the illusion of space as you're seeing the imaginary room beyond the mirror and not the blank wall. That feeling of depth you get from looking into a mirror makes your brain think the room is bigger than it really is. Unlike other furniture and accessories, a large mirror won't necessarily look out of place in a small room so don't be put off getting a large mirror for your smaller rooms. A mirror will also bounce light around the room so they can be very useful in a room that doesn't get a lot of natural light. Don't be afraid to use lots of mirrors. Several mirrors arranged together can look really stunning. Also think about what a mirror will be reflecting, other than your beautiful self of course when you look into it, whatever is opposite the mirror will be reflected, so bear this in mind when positioning your mirror. If you have a lovely view of the garden from the window, then positioning the mirror opposite the window will mean you get to see the garden when you look in the mirror too. Don't just think of mirrors as being rectangular, these days you can get mirrors in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Traditional rectangular mirrors are great in formal rooms, you can choose a frame to suit the style of the room, but in an informal room you can choose something a bit more unusual and unique. Both framed and frameless mirrors are easy to find. Mirrored bathroom wall tiles can be used to great effect, they can be used to tile furniture or doors, or put them on the wall. My friend loves crosswords and he has put mirror tiles on his wall like part of a crossword grid, with the names of his children written on in permanent marker. It looks really good and is obviously unique! For a child's bedroom you can get mirrors in the shape of animals, cars or castles and the like. When buying a mirror take into consideration your wall colour. A dark frame on light painted wall can look really good, as a light frame on dark wall, or a bright coloured frame can be a real feature, especially if it is part of an overall accent colour theme for the room. A full length mirror is useful in the bedroom, choose a free standing one so you can move it to get the best light at any time of the day.
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