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All You Wanted To Know About Slate Tiles And Their

by:Heng Xing     2020-06-05
In the earlier times, slate tiles were available in basic colours of gray and black. Today, hundreds of colours are possible, which we could not imagine a while ago. Slate is abundant in nature and is used as thin or thick sheets. It has great resistance to water absorption and frost damage. You can use them as roof tiles or bathroom floor tiles effectively. Shale metamorphoses into slate, and consists of mostly clay-like substances. In its natural form, it has uneven surface and has a flaky texture. The surface of the stone can be machine-sanded to make it smooth. Quartz and Illite are some of the substances present in the slate, along with small amounts of mica and calcite. The colours of slate are formed with the presence of certain minerals like iron and graphite. The red colour of this stone is from the presence of hematite. Green colour is given by the presence of carbon or graphite. Iron oxides give the reddish tans. Basics for slate tiles cleaning Dust should be cleaned from the surfaces regularly. Accumulation of dust causes scratches and dullness. Removing the dust with a soft broom, results in a cleaner and shinier surface. Do not use dust mops that are oil treated on slate floorings. Choose the dust mop carefully as its quality determines the lustre of your floor. Use mats and rugs on the floor to reduce the amount of dust entering the house. Mop the floors regularly and alter the frequency of mopping according to the condition of the floor. In case of occasional stains or marks, use the normal method of cleaning with a soft cloth and mild detergent. If this method does not work, it means that the sealant surface or the grout has been stained. In such case, contact specialists who can remove the stains effectively. Do not scrub a lot, which might spoil the surface of the tiles. Experts use new technology and modern cleaners to remove the stains and restore the lively appearance. Slate tiles definitely need a sealant. Experts suggest that immediately after installation, one coat of sealant is applied. After grouting and cleaning, a second coat of sealant protects this flooring for a long time. Do not use heavy wax based sealers on this surface. These could affect the appearance and make them slippery. Stick to a regular cleaning process and improve the look of the flooring. Like other natural stones, slate becomes more beautiful with age, and when with good care looks stunning for many years.
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