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by:Heng Xing     2020-09-13

Among the Hallabat representations are vine scrolls, grapes, pomegranates, oryx, wolves, hares, a leopard, pairs of partridges, fish, bulls, ostriches, rabbits, rams, goats, lions and a snake. At Qastal, close to Amman, excavations in 2000 uncovered the earliest identified Umayyad mosaics in present-day Jordan, relationship probably from the caliphate of Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan (685–705). They cowl much of the ground of a finely decorated constructing that in all probability served because the palace of a neighborhood governor.

The most very good instance could be found in the bath home of Hisham's Palace, Palestine which was made around 744. The major panel depicts a big tree and underneath it a lion attacking a deer (right side) and two deers peacefully grazing (left side). Mosaics with classical geometric motifs survived within the tub area of the eighth-century Umayyad palace complex in Anjar, Lebanon. The luxurious desert residence of Al-Walid II in Qasr al-Hallabat (in present-day Jordan) was also decorated with flooring mosaics that present a high stage of technical talent. The best preserved panel at Hallabat is split by a Tree of Life flanked by 'good' animals on one side and 'unhealthy' animals on the other.

The mosaics of the Umayyad Mosque gave inspiration to later Damascene mosaic works. The Dome of the Treasury, which stands within the mosque courtyard, is roofed with fine mosaics, most likely courting from 13th- or 14th-century restoration work. The mausoleum of Sultan Baibars, Madrassa Zahiriyah, which was built after 1277, can also be embellished with a band of golden floral and architectural mosaics, operating round inside the primary prayer corridor. The most necessary early Islamic mosaic work is the ornament of the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus, then capital of the Arab Caliphate. The caliph obtained 200 expert staff from the Byzantine Emperor to embellish the building.

This is evidenced by the partly Byzantine fashion of the ornament. The mosaics of the inside courtyard depict Paradise with lovely bushes, flowers and small hill towns and villages within the background. The mosaics embody no human figures, which makes them totally different from the in any other case comparable contemporary Byzantine works.

The Qastal mosaics depict geometrical patterns, bushes, animals, fruits and rosettes. Except for the open courtyard, entrance and staircases, the floors of the whole palace had been covered in mosaics.
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