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Best 1 inch square tiles pattern for business for kitchen

Best 1 inch square tiles pattern for business for kitchen

Best 1 inch square tiles pattern for business for kitchen

Item No.
63 m²/Pallet
Place of Origin
Foshan, China
T/T, LC, Paypal, etc.
11 sheet/Ctn, 1 m²/ Ctn 63 ctn /Pallet, 63 m²/ Pallet
16 kg/Ctn
Application Place
Kitchen, Living Room, Hotel, Villa, etc.
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/  Product Parameters

Item No.HMP01
TitleBlack Wood-like Glass Tile
Place of OriginFoshan, China
TypeGlass Mosaic Tile
Chip Size48*148mm
Sheet Size300*300mm
Thickness (mm)8 mm
Color FamilyBlack
CraftHigh Temperature, Back Beveled
MOQ63 m²/Pallet

11 sheet/Ctn,   1 m²/ Ctn

63 ctn /Pallet,   63 m²/ Pallet

Weight16 kg/Ctn
AdvantageFire Proof, Water Proof, Easy Cleaning
CerticateTUV, BV, CE, SGS
Payment TermsT/T, LC, Paypal, etc.
Application PlaceKitchen, Bathroom, Living Room, Hotel, Villa, etc.

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Let’s make your home looks nicer together!

beautiful. more expensive than many other, but looks even more expensive than they cost
I loved how this made my kitchen look. My friends were surprised to see that i did it myself. It waa so easy to install, i ofcourse faced problems around the outlets and some here and there but the pattern is so nice that it somehow works even if u make mistakes, its not very visible. My only mistake was that i didnt properly measure my walls so i had to order them many times but it was worth it and i love the result. I have had them for a week and no issue yet. Ill keep updating every few months about the result.
I put these on a back of a dresser that I'm using for a multi-purpose piece of furniture. The wood I adhered it too was very dry and rough and it stuck perfectly. I was having so much fun using it that I wished I bought more just so I could play with it. Really fun to apply and looks great
Little bit hard to square up. I wish it didn’t have Interlocking ends....just square pieces that for together. It would have made for much easier installation!
Omg!!!!! This made a world of difference for my kitchen! I'm still amazed at how easy it was to install. My kitchen is so beautiful now!
I love the pattern. Be sure to read the directions BEFORE you start! I learned the hard way! But put it in my camper around stove area. Easy to clean up and looks great.
So sticky!!! Once it’s on, it’s on! It was tricky to navigate all the electrical plugs in my kitchen, but I made it work!
Not a 12x12 tile. Actual 10x9.5. Hard to reposition if you get off line and bubbles appeared after applying. Be sure to order more than you think you need to do your project. Color lots are different
This is the prettiest tile I have ever seen. It sparkles like no other, reflects pretty iridescent colors and gets lots of compliments! LOVE LOVE LOVE
These tiles feel and look awesome. They were on the difficult side to line up. You couldn't make a mistake. We used them on our walls from the sink to ceiling. And all behind the Rande and fridge. They are beautiful.
A little difficult to keep lines up when first putting them up but definitely got easier the more I did it. But they have been up for about three weeks and have already started peeling in some spots, very disappointed because they do look really good.
I know this is late our purchase was April 8, 2019. But we just completed our bathroom Reno and your tile was the last step in the process. OMG! LOVE this tile!! So easy AND beautiful! What a difference. We applied Klingz to the old backsplashes and then cut and pasted the new to fit perfectly! Caulked with silicon. Gorgeous! Three hours, NO prior experience! Yay! .
These really made our kitchen look great!!
Beautiful, easy to install... but they don't all stick to the wall. I followed instructions and was sure to start with a clean wall- but some of the tiles come loose and I have to continually press them back on to the wall. There's no heat or moisture in those areas, so not sure what that's all about. I spent a few hundred dollars to do a relatively small space, so... would I purchase them again? Probably not. They are pretty for a temporary backsplash though.
This product is just ok. I ended up spending about $200 for just one wall below kitchen cabinets. You need s lot more product that you expect. And you can see that after a couple of months some edges are peeling out. I was very careful cleaning the surfaces before I attached them. Don't waist your money on this and save it for the real backsplash.
Like it a lot, easily installation, looks very good
In our kitchen remodel, this was one of the jobs I was dreading the most. I was afraid of what it would look like and more importantly, how difficult it would be to install. My fears couldn't be more unfounded. This was so easy to install and looks great. It is easy to maintain and clean. Make sure to take care to plan and have sharp tools, have a nice smooth surface, take your time and you'll be pleased with the look.
This product looks very realistic, is very light weight and easy to install.
We put it in our shower to add color and we crazy glued the edges....so far so good. Very good value and eady to match...1 pkg did our small bathtub area.
We love the color and how it looks but it keeps coming up. We have to keep pressing it down again. Very disappointed.
Okay for a temporary fix.
These are a great solution to add color to kitchen you aren’t quite ready to remodel or when you are only renting and are tired of being surrounded by white everything.
Looks and works great as a backsplash. Very easy to install.
These are so cool! Easy to install, and look amazing!
This is my second project with Tic Tac Tiles, and I love them. They are an easy DIY project, you just need the right tools - an exact-o knife, paper cutter, level and patience. I completed above my sink in the master bath in an hour and although not a game changer - it's a really nice upgrade. The area is enclosed all around, you can't see the depth on the tiles, so they really give the impression of true glass tile (if you have an open side that's not up against a wall or cabinet, it's easier to tell these are not real tile). Tip - peel off only one side, make sure of placement, then peel/apply the rest of the sheet.
Love these. We are doing a remodel and these just make the kitchen pop. Visitors all love the look. My contractor said they aren't too difficult to install and he thought the backing was great. He had to readjust the placement a couple of times and no problems with it sticking too hard or not sticking enough when he had the placement just right.
This stuff is Flippin awesome it's beautiful it's easy to apply and it's so real looking small area took two boxes if that was an issue I would have to say put more in a box LOL
Oh my gosh. This is gorgeous. If I can make this work, I will most certainly use it. I wish the blue was exactly like this since it would work better. I want just a very light blue with everything else exactly the same. Particularly the pearl white part. I have never seen anything I like as much as this.
I like. great product.
great product
I love how easy it was to put up. And it looks great.
Great product!
Absolutely beautiful! Very pleased/
Very easy to install and the end result is a Big Bang!
Very satisfied
Very easy to use. Just peel and stick.
Love this product. Very easy to use. Great kitchen makeover on a budget.
I love these! Very easy to do and it looks real. I needed to cover ugly caulk lines in the shower and it turned out perfect. Only when you get close up can you tell they are not real tile. Love it and would buy again!! I always look at reviews and this one gets my thumbs up on how easy it was and the look!
The finished product is fantastic. Looks like genuine tile, but not hard and cold. TWO THINGS YOU NEED TO BE CAREFUL OF: 1) Measurements of coverage is NOT 10" X 10". The Coverage is actually 10" high by 8 1/2" wide. So linear width measurements should be 8 1/2" 2) Start your installation at the right end of your project and work toward the left. The tile pattern only works in that direction. Be careful with each placement because they stick like crazy and cannot be shifted once in place. One off tile will mess up the whole project. BUT... when you are done you will be proud and happy with the result.
I am glad we decided to go with this instead of actually tiling our backsplash in the rental kitchen. This tool significantly less time and was not that difficult to install. And to my wife and my surprise, it actually looks very real and not cheap. The grout lines where you connect it actually seal pretty good and it’s hard to tell where the pieces line up. As others have mentioned though, the only frustrating thing is that if you do not line them up well and have to remove it, they get significantly less sticky. What I learned a little too far into it was that I should have used a level to mark ten inches up and then just follow that line to the top. This makes sure your pieces aren’t angled one way or another slightly. All in all, happy with this purchase and would buy again
I should have done this before the new vanity top was installed. Lesson learned. They look great. Stick REALLY well. Be sure you have access to the whole area you want to work with and not trying to put it even the least bit down behind something if you don't have the room. It was almost like they were magnets attracted to metal. The tiles wanted grab a spot I didn't want them to stick to but if you're quick enough you'll prevent losing a tile because you got it dirty with drywall bits from adhering before you are ready. Read all those previous reviews and read them again to give you tips. I was just winging it.
Honestly they look nice but they dont stick as well as they say they do they dont fall off but the corners and over lapping peices constantly have to be smoothed back down because they begin to peel up and if you dont go over the area of drywall you plan on tiling before hand to make sure you scrape off all the semi big bumps it will totally hinder the abillity for the adhesive to stick in that spot or the immediate surrounding area so all in all you get what you pay for
This product is great for an inexpensive upgrade. It's easy to install as long as you follow the directions. Make sure to lay out tiles first and make sure to start from the right place for the tiles to overlap correctly. I didn't do this first and ended up spending way too much time trying to correct my error. Doing it correctly, the process flowed quickly and smoothly.
These tiles look great and they go up fairly easily. They would rate 5 stars, except that they are NOT, in fact, 10" x 10". For installation measurement purposes, you should know that each sheet covers 9.7" high and only about 8.7" wide (due to the overlap). I'm sure that quite a few customers - like myself - ended up 2 or 3 sheets short due to this discrepancy in size.
Tried another brand before this and the design was so difficult. I finished my whole kitchen, with little trouble. Looks great!
These were very easy to install and they look great. I have gotten lots of compliments on my new backsplash.
We bought this tile to use as a backsplash on our RV. Overall we are satisfied; however, we had to waste a few tiles. One of the tiles actually had the colored tiles peel off after we cut it and put it it place. This was very disappointing. It was on a tile that needed special cutting. The tile had to be pulled off the wall and replaced and was now wasted.
I love how great my bathroom came out after applying these. They are amazing. I loved them so much I went back and bought more. I’ve been recommending them ever since. Huge save and a fun project.
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