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Glitter Floor Tiles - An Altered Means For Refurbishing

by:Heng Xing     2020-05-14
Glitter Floor tiles are made up of a unique material called Quartz. Quartz is one of nature's gifts and is available in abundance. Most Quartz tile consists of around 93 % of Quartz in it. Added pigments give color during the manufacturing process. They are hard and rugged when compared to granite or marbles. These tiles are the best for your kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms etc. These tiles are non-porous in nature and are resistant to stain and water. Hence, doesn't form scratches easily. Even if you find a stain, it is very easy- to- clean. They leave no cracks and do not allow any bacteria to enter making your home a hygienic and healthy place to live in. The natural hard tendency of these tiles makes it less or non-slippery which is amazing factor when it comes to your kitchen or bathroom flooring. These are places which are in close contact with water most of the time and make the place slippery. Yet, Quartz relieves you from this tension and gives you a secured feeling. Glitter Floor tiles are available in a huge variety of colors and shapes. Square is the commonly preferred shape for commercial purpose. But in kitchens and bathrooms sometimes rectangular, hexagon and octagon shapes are also used to make it distinctive and give a visual effect to the floors. Glitter quartz adds an admirable beauty, make you floor glitter and sparkle just like stars do on the sky. The glittering effect of this tile is seemingly beautiful that is making Quartz a well-known and popular material across the world. It is well suited for residence as well as for commercial purposes like hotels, restaurants etc. These tiles are the best for huge malls, complexes and commercial establishments. These places are prone to dust and grime most of the time because of usage. Glitter floor tiles make these places bright and tidy all the time and the floor looks extraordinary. Most Quartz tile consists of around 93% of Quartz in it. Then, pigments are added to give color during the manufacturing process. The outer surface of these tiles are covered or packed with sparkling mirrors to add that shiny look to this particular tile. They shine excellently on any place whether residential or commercial. These tiles enlighten the entire house with its marvelous beauty. These days you can find an online tile store easily and order tiles as per your requirement and budget.
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