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Global ceramics witness the Big Horn deer Super wear-resistant people PK competition Foshan Tao Bo club Station

by:Heng Xing     2019-11-02
Tiles are good, grinding will know! October 18- October 21 all guo chao wear-resistant people PK Competition Foshan Taub will Station 7/field competition grand held every yuan bonus you get the first the field when between: October 18, 2019 10:30- 11: 30 Location: No. 2-Plaza outside Huaxia ceramics expo--Afternoon activity Time: October 18- Venue of the 21st event: foshan Chinese Ceramic Expo City E12 Big Horn deer Booth two big live synchronous scores Sina home live two-dimensional code Tencent home live two-dimensional code 34th session Foshan International Ceramic Fair three Pavilion all a only grinding tree of deer Foshan city is full of Big Horn deer Huaxia Ceramic Expo City China Ceramic industry headquarters base China Ceramic City Dajiao deer originalSuper wear-resistant Diamond Glaze' National patented technology, the world's best glaze company for ultra-wear diamond glaze, Italy's Karobia glaze, has a wear resistance of more than Grade 4, three times higher than that of ordinary ceramic tiles. Industry experts evaluate: dajiao deer Super wear-resistant marble tiles lead the global tile revolution, just as Huawei leads the global 5G revolution! On October 18-21, Huaxia Ceramic Expo city, looking forward to the global ceramic people to witness the grand horn deer Super wear-resistant PK competition Foshan Tao Expo Station. Big Horn deer, super wear-resistant, lasting new!
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