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Guangzhou ceramic industry exhibition 2020 starts again!

by:Heng Xing     2019-10-27
The experience of the 33rd exhibition and the global network of contacts have precipitated, and the Guangzhou ceramic industry exhibition has developed into the first exhibition of the ceramic industry. Now it has gathered the innovative power of the world's ceramic industry to participate in the grand event! History is the fact of the past. History is the accumulation of human social civilization activities. She is a social wealth that can be used for reference and can be inherited and developed on the road of human society development. In 2019, as a global leader in the ceramic industry, Guangzhou Ceramic Industry Exhibition (Ceramics china) It has been successfully held for 33 sessions. Whether it is the exhibition area, exhibitors and professional audiences, or the new technologies and new trends displayed by the exhibition, it is the world's first exhibition. In 2020, it will gather the world's outstanding ceramic players to create unlimited business cooperation opportunities for the industry. In 2020, with' Bringing together the innovative power of global ceramic people' With an exhibition area of more than 90 thousand square meters, Guangzhou ceramic industry exhibition will invite more than 1000 well-known enterprises in the industry at home and abroad to participate in the exhibition, share multi-dimensional information in the industry and seek the sound development of the global ceramic industry, in the degree of internationalization, the professionalism of the exhibition, the participation of exhibitors and the category of exhibits, the rich resources, the level of activities, the breadth of publicity and the organization of professional audiences, new breakthroughs and upgrades, in Guangzhou on May 26-29, 2020 •The Canton Fair exhibition hall area A was held ceremoniously. International core competitiveness, as an international professional business platform for ceramic industry, Guangzhou ceramic industry exhibition has been committed to continuously meeting the needs of exhibitors and buyers at home and abroad, and playing the role of communication and bridge, promote and stimulate trade and exchanges between exhibitors and audiences at home and abroad. Organizer-- The national trade associations of the four national characters give full play to their industry advantages and use international advanced concepts and organizational capabilities to absorb well-known brands at home and abroad; With the accumulation of 33 buyers' data, we have continuously deepened our integration with international professional buyers; And to enhance the international service concept with a professional and enterprising attitude. Global promotion of organizers--'Ceramic heart route' Starting from July 2019, overseas promotion in key countries such as South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Bangladesh, Japan, Indonesia and India invites Chinese enterprises to move forward with us. The China Trade Promotion Association will give full play to the functions of its overseas representative offices in more than 29 countries around the world, and cooperate with a series of guidance for going out enterprises to protect the overseas development of enterprises. Focusing on professional achievements and accurately cutting into hot spots in the industry, Guangzhou ceramic industry exhibition takes Guangzhou, an international metropolis, as its center to radiate the global ceramic industry, gathering 100 thousand professional audiences from 73 countries and regions, it is a high-quality platform for enterprises to improve brand awareness and global communication. The organizers, China Building Materials Federation, China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Building Materials Industry Branch and China Ceramic Industry Association, rely on their professional advantages in their respective fields, from industry development planning, scientific and technological progress planning, standard setting, international trade docking and other fields, fair and equitable, more personalized, targeted service exhibitors and audiences. The fully functional display platform, with a complete and powerful integrated database, integrated buyer search and recruitment, counterpart audience information release, and point-to-face matching promotion services, accurately recruits domestic and overseas exhibitors and global professional audiences, the Guangzhou ceramic industry exhibition aims to build a precise platform for technical exchange, case sharing and business docking. At the exhibition site, the industry's intelligent, green and innovative equipment and products were highly concentrated in history, and when did it take to appreciate the most advanced production technology in the industry? The exhibition will bring together buyers from many countries, hold ceramic industry summit forums, and invite cutting-edge technical experts, senior figures and opinion leaders in the industry, the zero-distance dialogue and discussion will be held around hot topics such as development opportunities, industry pain points, industrial chain integration, design creativity and going out opportunities in various industries in the ceramic field. Encouraging innovation, the innovation and development of Guangzhou ceramic industry exhibition for more than 30 years is accompanied by the expansion and strengthening of China's ceramic industry, and the endless new thinking continues to inject new impetus into the industry. Guangzhou ceramic industry exhibition, an international stage, brings together the innovative power of global ceramic people, integrates international vision with industry innovation, and advances. The organizer will select outstanding enterprises with innovation and ingenuity to'China Zhizao'The overall image of the promotion to the domestic and foreign ceramic industry. High-quality publicity resources, integrating more than 300 domestic and foreign publicity media resources, digging deep into effective ways of media cooperation, selecting high-quality data for enterprises, conducting target Views, targeted invitations and accurate matching, through the combination of online and offline channels, we can accurately push industry information, enterprise information, product advantages and exhibition news, and expand the promotion path and exhibition return of enterprises. The 2020 Guangzhou ceramic industry exhibition will still be a professional business platform for you to have close contact with the updated and more complete ceramic industry technology. We invite you to join us and bring together the innovative power of global ceramic people, A total of healthy development of the industry. For more details, please consult: Lu Hongping, building materials industry branch of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, 13911168091 official website: www. Ceramicschina. Net
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