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Heng Xing hand white pool tile supplier for bathroom

Heng Xing hand white pool tile supplier for bathroom

Heng Xing hand white pool tile supplier for bathroom

Item No.
126 m²/Pallet
Place of Origin
Foshan, China
T/T, LC, Paypal, etc.
20 sheet/Ctn, 2.14 m²/ Ctn; 58 ctn /Pallet, 126 m²/ Pallet
14.5 kg/Ctn
Application Place
Swimming pool, Hotel,Villa, etc
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  • Hengsheng has a professional customer service team to supply free technical advice and guidance.
Product Comparison
Hengsheng is certified by various qualifications. We have advanced production technology and great production capability. Pool Mosaic Tiles has many advantages such as reasonable structure, excellent performance, good quality, and affordable price.Compared with other products in the same category, Hengsheng's Pool Mosaic Tiles has the following advantages.
Company Advantages
1. Heng Xing pool tile suppliers is designed by considering the needs of the user.
2. The product is characterized by electromagnetic compatibility. It has the desired reliability and safety when it is used in and exposed to electromagnetic environments.
3. Our white pool tile has a good reputation and market share in some overseas market.

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/  Product Parameters

Item No.NE766
TitleGolden Line Antislip Purple Swimming Pool Tiles NE766
Place of OriginFoshan, China
TypePool Mosaic
Chip Size50*50*4mm
Sheet Size315*3115mm
Thickness (mm)4mm 
Color FamilyPurple
CraftGlass: Hot-melting 
MOQ126 m²
Packing 20 sheet/Ctn,   2.14 m²/ Ctn; 58 ctn /Pallet,   126 m²/ Pallet
Weight14.5 kg/Ctn
AdvantageFire Proof, Water Proof
CerticateTUV, BV, CE, SGS
Payment TermsT/T, LC, Paypal, etc.
Application PlaceSwimming pool, Hotel,Villa, etc.

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Company Features
1. Foshan Nanhai Hengsheng Crystal Mosaic Co.,Ltd. is an internationally renowned leading enterprise committed to pool tile suppliers production.
2. white pool tile is the life of an enterprise which needs the full concentration and meticulous of employees during the work.
3. To be the front-runner of grey pool tiles industry is the goal of pool mosaik . Get info! The current goal of Heng Xing is to improve customer satisfaction while maintaining product quality. Get info! Foshan Nanhai Hengsheng Crystal Mosaic Co.,Ltd. is professional and will provide high quality modern pool tile . Get info! With strong ambitions, Heng Xing always work hard to provide both the best cheap pool tile and the most professional service. Get info!
Wanted something to make our chair mat less slippery. The chair rolls back when we start to sit down. We;re getting older and are afraid we'll miss the chair and fall to the floor. One of the reviewers said the tape felt like sandpaper. Don't know if this was a complaint or not, but figured this was just what I needed! Works great. Easy to put in place. Backing comes right off. Had 4 strips in place in about two minutes. So glad I found it.
These are okay, i was hoping for sturdier but i guess i should have bought rubber instead of plastic if i did. Not bad, just okay.
Love this riel I'm useing it as back splash with tiger eye stones nice
Revision/Update The last one of these I ordered is high density. It's a different color, more of an off white. There's a trade-off, though. While it doesn't wear down as quickly, it doesn't seem quite as effective. Still, there's nothing better than these pumice sticks (in general) for getting rid of hard water stains in your toilet. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ As many other reviewers have noted, these do a good job, However, they are not ""high density." I used to buy these sticks at Smart & Final, and back many years ago, the sticks would last a very long time. Then the company that manufactured these decided to increase profits by reducing the density dramatically, such that the sticks wear out after just a handful of uses. I thought these might be the same as the old ones I used; they are not. They are better than the "new and unimproved" version at S&F, but not by much. Unfortunately, no one seems to sell the genuinely high density sticks anymore. Instead, all the companies seem to have conspired to manufacture low-density, but high profit sticks. Again, this one seems to be slightly better than others, but it is not high density.
These work great. Can't believe how much gunk they catch. And this was like after 10 days. I'm going to order more now. Update: These do work great but they can be dangerous. When I turned my 2 speed pump on high I didn't pay attention that the clogged sock doesn't allow water to flow freely or in other words keep up demand and burned out my $900 Pump yesterday. Expensive learning curve!
1) It gets hung up on the main drain at least once per cleaning cycle - like a turtle on its back. The tracks are on the sides, and brushes are front and back, with nothing moving in the entire central under-belly. If the robot drives up on the main drain dead-on, it gets stuck and can't get itself free. A light tug on the cord sets it free and it continues without any problems. However, when running unattended, this has been a big issue. It got stuck at the beginning of the cycle one time, and I didn't notice until near the end of its routine. There are a few devices on the market that make a ramp (like a ring around the drain), and clips that create a dome over the drain cover. These options are ~$50, last only a few years, may be difficult to assemble, and reviews are generally horrible. But someone posted an interesting solution, and I've been trying to make it work. That is, screw a 1" PVC cap (with stainless screw & washer) to the main drain cover to create a 'dome'. It should lose balance when it tries to climb the dome, causing at least one track or brush to contact the pool bottom. My first attempt didn't work, because I used a shallow cap. My next attempt will be to use a cap & pipe (as an extension). Making it taller should do the trick. Associated problems were: - weighting my self down so I could stay on the bottom (weight vest + weights on a tool belt + mask & snorkel - pre-drilling the hole for the screw. I held onto a wood spade bit by hand, and worked it to get a hole started - staying on the bottom while applying force to pre-drill, then use the screw driver. I used a garden claw to hook onto the main drain with one hand, while working the tool with the other. - Interesting experience . . . but totally doable. Just make sure you have someone spotting you and extending a pole for you to grab onto when you come up for air. Or . . . find someone with scuba gear :) 2) The remote (blue tooth with smart phone) works, and I've used it successfully to get a few spots the robot missed (especially after it gets hung up on the main drain). However, response time between action & reaction is poor, and I usually over-compensating on turns. It's frustrating trying to get the thing pointed in the right direction . . . but it gets the job done . . . eventually. 3) No caddie. I wrote to the manufacturer and didn't get a reply. I eventually put the power supply in a patio box to keep it out of the weather, and I leave the robot in the water all the time, so not having a caddie hasn't been a problem. All-in-all, I'm very happy. The pool hasn't been this clean - ever! On the plus side: 4) Its completely self-contained. 5) Filters only need to be cleaned every couple/few of weeks. Cleaning is very simple because filters are top-loaded & easy to remove. Then use garden hose to clean. 6) No suction hose to lay out and prime. 7) Skimmer baskets don't get plugged, thereby creating reduced pressure and suction on the vacuum hose. 8) No debris goes into the filter, so I backwash less often - less water loss, and hence, fewer chemicals lost. ================== *** 2 Month Update *** ================== My biggest complaint was (#1 abv.) the robot getting hung up on the main drain. Perhaps I wasn't being fair to the robot, and should clarify that this problem is not specific to this robot, since many people experience the same issues with other robots. Abv. I said I'd try a taller 'post', which I did, and it didn't solve the problem. The post I bolted onto the main drain cover was ~2" tall, but the robot would happily climb on top of it, then balance itself perfectly with all tracks and brushes suspended - not in contact with the bottom. I think the handle is designed to balance it. Anyway, I thought about modifying the bottom of the robot, but didn't want to void the warranty. In the end, I decided to lower the main drain cover by building a custom cover out of a 10" wide x 1/2" thick HDPE cutting board ($6 from the Job Lot). This solution has been working flawlessly for a week now.
This is the second one I have bought for our home in the Caribbean. The first one is still working and in great shape, I just wanted an extra one in case it happened to disappear. Sometimes my pool skimmers disappear. Anyway, I absolutely love this particular one. It is wider than most and the netting itself is very deep and thicker than most, which makes it easier to skim the small bugs one might find in their pool because they do not go through the netting’s holes. I find I only have to make two trips around our pool to capture all the leaves and such rather than 4 to 5 five times like I did with are old skimmer. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone considering buying one.
Smart solution for hard to reach areas! Less strain on me too!
This is GREAT tape. Put in on the entry steps to all my house areas and it has been staying on the cement and wood. Would highly recommend as a safety feature.
Replaced 160 tiles that had come off over the last couple of yrs. I repaired the cracked concrete and plaster w/pool plaster repair. Then used the tile setting patch to put on new tile, then grouted all the tile (a lot of grout had cracked out over the yrs.) It looks great, and so far holding, we'll see if it holds this winter. I'm in my mid 60's, and yes a female who has never done anything like this before, but for now it looks great. I also painted the pool and it looks like a new pool.
Work great
The unit arrived on time, in good shape, and worked right out of the box. I was up and running in 15-20 minutes. Running it its first night is did a great job cleaning my not-so-dirty pool and the cable was clearly NOT tangled. Note: It does a GREAT job getting above the waterline to scrub the walls. Impressive wall suction and stability. First cleaning of the filters was CAKE. I really do appreciate the top load panel innovation. Note on filters: Comes with 2 sets, it is not clear which filters are the smaller micron filters. Note on manual: Digital manual accessible through the iphone app is klunky and incomplete. Note on marketing:2 stage filtering is mentioned, but I'm not sure how that is really a thing. You can SWAP filter types, but I dont see how to stack them OR where a 2nd stage would be.Perhaps a disconnect on version / part numbers. I purchased this to replace my recently deceased but very heavily used Aquabot T4RC. I was nervous to purchase this unit because there was very little feedback and information to illustrate its long-term value. Obviously the jury will be out on this for some time. I’ll be trying out the daily automation routine through the weekend to see how it does. The phone Bluetooth remote control works SOMEWHAT better than the wonky remote on my old T4RC June 13 2018 update: still seems to work fairly well, observed a noteworthy quirk. When on the automatic daily cycle I noticed the controller indicating it was in the active clean mode, and it clearly was at some point recently, but it wasn’t moving. Checked the app, and it is also indicating that the cleaning mode is active, but still not moving. Activated manual control mode, successfully moved it around, turned off manual control, and it still indicated active cleaning mode but only in its head. I think we found a big in the system. Aug 20 2018 update: After a few months I'm comfortable saying that this unit does NOT clean as well as my old Aquabot T4RC. The Sigma definitely turtles less, and covers the pool faster through superior tracking, but it does NOT get the spots where the sloped side wall meets the sloping floor toward the deep end. I feel this unit has a lot of suction, but it still doesn't seem to get those crevasses where the Aquabot had water jets to blow that stuff loose and into the filter. If the unit holds up for a few years with minimal trouble, it still has potential to be of fair value, but I'm breaking out the pool brush outside of opening day for the first time in 4 years. The "indicating cleaning mode while doing nothing" problem is still a thing. Not a big deal, just annoying.
Works really well
Works good so far will know more in awhile
Excellent through first three months of use. Efficient and thorough cleaning of all surfaces (bottom, walls, stairs) of our plaster pool. Filters very easy to rinse with hose. Easy storage away from pool with optional Premier Caddy, can be wheeled to pool deck and hooked up and functioning within a minute.
This is the second set of brushes I own as they are so effective that I want to have a set on each floor. They’re great for areas that would normally require heavy scrubbing. This set is actually better than the previous one as it includes a big flat brush for bigger areas. The brushes appear to be well made and do a great job scrubbing the bathroom tiles and floor. Pros: - Well made - Sturdy - Easy to use - Cut down on cleaning time Cons: - None
Very strong, sturdy molds. I've had them a year and made a nice firepit out of them and the hard plastic molds (while I was skeptical at first about their durability) have held up well. No cracks or breaks. This is a very tedious process making hundreds of stones, and the end result will not look as neatly stacked as some of the pictures shown here. As one reviewer mentioned, they are too tapered along the edges... But for a brick / stone look that is not exactly "stacked", these stones turn out well. I just filled in the gaps between the stones with mortar and the look turned out pleasantly rustic. Which is all I had hoped for! ...Oh.. and after finagling with the corners of my square firepit, I wish "the Mold Store" would offer an actual Corner Set of molds. I'd have bought them. I've seen the method to making mitered corners online and tried it - they just don't turn out so well. Just an afterthought.... Still, a good product for the DIY people out there!
Our glass shower doors have hard water stains that are impervious to CLR, Lime Away, Bar Keepers Friend, assorted natural remedies and even a razor blade. My best guess is that a previous home owner never bothered with squeegees! I'd resigned myself to living with the hazy doors but came across this product in a Buzz Feed post and throwing caution to the winds bought it to try on the doors. Very, very carefully and keeping the pumice well saturated I tested a small area of the glass. It took several tries (I was presssing the stone on the glass VERY gently) but I could finally see through the glass. Shock and awe! Our shower has two massive glass doors so it'll probably take me 6 months to break through all the cement like hard water stains but at last a solution! Please note that I don't recommend using a pumice stone on glass unless you have the patience of Job and are willing to proceed with extreme caution, taking great care to avoid scratching the glass. As to the product design, the handle seems sturdy and well attached and the pumice stone is generously sized.
5 Stars! The pictures attached show it. Our home flooded in 2016 and pool had been left alone till now. We added algea killer and shocked pool. This is pic showing algea that had went to bottom after dieing sucked right up. There is also chunks of concrete that it managed to pick up from a demo of steps into pool.
Well built and sturdy. Purchased in the Spring and all parts still performing well. Bristles not falling out and metal retains it's finish.
2 months in and loving the clean pool. Bluetooth is fun once or twice but really is not responsive enough. Put it in auto mode and you will be a happy camper, just do not forget to empty it because it really does clean the pool better than you think it will.
This is a nice quality product. The additional aluminum on top keeps the bristles stiff and eliminates too much flex.
For a long, long time I had a toilet ring, it was driving me crazy. I tried EVERYTHING!!, from commercial products, home remedies, scrubbing, brush.... everything!! As soon as I received this I tried it. In less than 30 seconds the ring was GONE!! Years of trying products and a LOT of money and this made it in 30 seconds. It didn't scratch my toilet and it looks white as new. Now that my toilet is stain-free I just use it as maintenance from time to time. Can't wait to try it on our grill!!
These are beautiful but a pain the butt to work with if you're into perfection. They are true shells and nature, so expect some imperfections. They are super thin, so keep that in mind, and sacrificial wood (or cement board) on hand when using a wet tile saw to cut. Remember to use unsanded grout. I still have another round of dehazing I need to do, but I'm extremely happy with this product. Pictures don't do them justice.
UPDATE: I am now giving 2 more stars for the customer service of this company. Although I still don't recommend this pumice stone the company not only issued me a refund without asking but the sent me another pumice stone that they think will work better for the white water stains on the tiles of my new pool. I didn't realize that the fine grit would virtually dissolve with very little pressure while cleaning the tiles of our swimming pool. It's a new pool and starting to get the white calcium line along the rim so I wanted to catch it early. This completely dissolved before I was 1/2 way done with the pool. Don't waste your money. Now to find one that won't dissolve and won't scratch my tile.
I'm so pleased I bought this scrubber. Need to scrub the top edges of swimming pool that water doesn't reach. After removing the winter cover each summer the inside edges of the pool are dirty. This scrubber is so powerful I have to use both hands to hold handle as I bend down and move along the pool inside edge. Will try on my kitchen tile floor next. Plan to use for a long time. I hope I can find replacement pads. I would definitely recommend to anyone.
I bought this product because I am a DIYer and didnt want to spend $12.00 per square foot from Home Depot for concrete ledgestone. It was hard at first because I had little knowledge with concrete but after reading the instructions on the included manual I became very efficient with making these molds. I built my outdoor kitchen, and outdoor fireplace with the bricks I created from this mold. The product can come out the same as the picture or better if youre creative enough. I have bought 2 sets of this mold to speed up my building process. But like every DIY projects, this can be tedious after a while. I wouldnt trade this for an already made stone set (Unless I was filthy rich) Pros= cheaper than buying stone veneers, finished product very similar to pictures, very rewarding after its built. Very eco friendly and easy to make (my younger sister would use this as well. Cons= Preparation time can be slow and repetition of making hundreds of square feet can be tedious. Buying concrete bags can also be tedioous and heavy after a while. But overall the savings will speak for itself example my project: Outdoor Kitchen- from Home Depot Stone @ 1558 sq feet= $18,696.00 Outdoor Kitchen- from mold store including dyes, cement, oil= $798.00 roughly
This tile looks so amazing and beautiful.
Easy to install and easy to cut to size with some pliers.
It has a classy look. Very beautiful and high quality material.
The material arrived in perfect condition.
I was very pleased with these tiles. I was also impressed by how quickly they arrived (less than 12 hours after ordering!) Keep in mind these tiles are very thin, so go easy on the thinset. They give you a about 5 extra tiles in case there are any broken or fallen tiles. They should probably double that amount to be safe. They are a nice mixture of shimmering white and cream colored. Overall, very beautiful tiles.
We inherited a Polaris pressure cleaner with our pool when we moved into our house a couple of years ago. The Polaris cleaner did a decent job, but it was rather dated, and had have a couple of cons that were rather annoying. One was that it always seemed to get stuck on our ladder in the deep end (despite putting the guards in that side of the ladder). This meant that we had to manual extract it from this location several times during the course of a cleaning. Two, it always missed several spots that we either ignored, more manually vacuumed when the cycle completed. To make life easier, we decided to splurge on the Dolphin Sigma, which seemed to have a lot of modern bells and whistles. I have to admit, it does a better job than the pressure vacuum in less time while using less energy. However, we still have the same two issues as before. Now, instead of the ladder, it gets stuck several times a cycle on the drain cap on the bottom of the shallow end which requires manual extraction (picture). This means that we can't really run it when we aren't home, and can't use any of the auto features. Like the pressure vacuum, it also misses several locations during a cleaning cycle. The remote control feature seems like it should be a solution to this issue, but we haven't been able to actually make that work yet. I would give it five stars if it hit all spots and didn't get repeatedly get stuck on a standard drain cap on the bottom, so I removed a star for each of these two reasons....which was why we decided to explore such an expensive option in the first place.
Sock fits perfect but I do notice the elastic is thinner (not as wide) than my previous socks. I would give the sock 5 stars except I just don't know how long they will last compared to the previous socks. I'll add an addendum after the sock fails. Edit--It is now August 1,2017 and I notice a small (1/4") separation at the seam. Bottom line is I got 4+ months out of one sock. I changed the rating from 4 starts to 5 stars! When the sock is brand new, it is a challenge to put on the skimmer basket but after a few days the strong elastic allows easy installation. Update: the second sock failed today (10/24/17) at the sewed seam. This one lasted almost three months. I guess the xpectation for these socks is somewhere between three and four months - not too bad!
I was a little leery at first and wasn't sure this was going to fit right, but as soon as I turned the pump back on, it sucked the sock to the sides and had a perfect fit. I don't know why the "sock" makes that much difference, but it does! The top of our pool literally looks like glass, because it is so clean. Cleanup with the sock is super easy as well. I don't even remove it from the basket. I simply dump the debris and rinse it out with the water hose. I love the way the sock picks up the smaller debris and oils from of the top of the pool.
Product works very well at catching small things before they make it to the filter. i was having problems with small particles blowing through my filter and settling in dead spots in my pool and the socks catch every little piece. I've had no problems with things blowing through the filter now. I've been using them for a week now and I did have one get a hole in it overnight but I'm not sure if it was because of a flaw or because I had put a small piece of a chlorine tablet that was left in the skimmer basket into the the sock the first time I had put one onto the basket. I've been putting the tablets under the sock and stretching it over the outside of the basket so it doesn't touch the chlorine on the bottom and have had no more holes. The only real problem I have had is when the pump shuts off most of the stuff it has caught floats back out into the pool, I've been emptying every night before the pump shuts down and now my pool is cleaner than I've ever seen it.
Did what we expected it to do
This the second Dolphin cleaner that I purchased. The product has worked just as expected, great company!!!!!
Very Satisfied purchase
I was looking for something to help with a garage refinishing project when I came across this brush set and decided to give it a go. When I got the brushes I was pleased with their quality... they carry a good weight seem they will stand the test of time. They delivered quickly; well ahead of the stain stripper for the garage so I threw on a few attachments and put these to the test on various projects around the house. I used the large flat brush to clean the kitchen sink (photos attached), clean up adhesive on the tub after door removal (photos attached), the black tipped one to scrub the toilet (photos NOT attached...), and back to the large flat one to knock a bit of the debris from the garage door to test the strength on the wood (photo attached). I am super happy with all of the results. These brushes cut down the cleaning time significantly and worked like a charm. Can't wait to keep trying them on different things around the house!
I saw online that you can actually use this product combined with Tide Whiteout Pens to clean your grout. I’m anxious to try it out and see if it works!
These MOLDS ARE AMAZING! The seller worked with my schedule so I could complete a job very quickly. These molds have paid for themselves ten times already.
These molds are really good quality, and work very well. We were designing an outdoor kitchen and wanted real stone facing. I read the reviews and decided to buy a set. After making one batch (24 stones) I ordered two more sets to increase stone production. The only complaint is that these are sold as dry stack. Dry stack means no mortar is needed between the stones. These are not dry stack! There will be a 1/4 - 3/4 gap between the stones when laid. This was something that we didn't want. It is much cheaper than buying stone, it is fun to make them, but after about 15 batches like I have made it starts to become a chore. You will need a pallet to store them and a fork lift to move the completed stones. At the writing of this review I have made 16 batches (1152 stones) still have 4 batches to go. Here are some tips for making stones. If you are using one set of molds (24) stones you will use 1/2 bag of 60lbs concrete. You will use 3/4 gallon of water. The wetter, the better. Thicker mix leaves pin holes no matter how much tapping you do. Use a very light coat of cooking oil in a spray can. You have to use a chip brush to spread out the oil in the mold. Otherwise you will have pin holes. Let the molds sit 24 hours, when you remove from the mold lay them flat outside. I coat them with sealer 5 hours after they come out of the mold.
The mother of pearl is really beautiful material. It arrived on time very well package and with zero damage. No installation problems. Highly recommend.
Used it twice. Can still smell the mold. Both times using it made our eyes burn. Also use plastic gloves and goggles to avoid chemical burns. (The packaging does not say this)
This cordless spin scrubber has been a life saver! It super easy to charge in at last hours before having to charge it again. The material is very durable and strong and I love the attachments it comes with. It cuts the time in half when my son has to clean a bathroom. And that nagging bathroom faucet can actually get clean without me having to spray some type of bathroom cleaner on it.
I love the look of this on the wall but each letter and each swirl of the horn is separate. It took 30 minutes to place on the wall. It was not easy.
We are longtime dolphin owners. Our last model was nearly seven years old when it finally died. We bought this one based on the reviews and LOVE it. Its so much faster and cleans the wall of our pool so well. Definitely an upgrade and worth the investment.
I used these brushes to clean the bathroom and shower tiles. It was fantastic. The choice of sizes allowed me to cover large areas and smaller areas with just a quick change of the brush. I had the same experience when cleaning the aluminum wheels on my truck.
GORGEOUS! Did total shower stall
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