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Important Things To Consider While Selecting Travertine

by:Heng Xing     2020-06-05
Modern homes are using a lot of natural stones, especially travertine. They are considered as tiles with subtle, yet rich tones, perfect to add a character to the interior and exterior space. Travertine tiles look great in all areas of the home like bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and many other wet areas. You can use them on other places like tubs, sinks and walls in the house. These tiles are known for their long-lasting durability and reliability. What are the important things that you need to consider before selecting travertine tiles? Do an extensive research about the right kind of tiles for your home. Talk to sales people, professional and local installers, homeowners who have already used travertine in their homes and blogs and forums on the internet. This collected knowledge will help you make an informed decision. Consider the place where you wish to install travertine. Look at the factors and considerations like the moisture levels, strength of the floor and foot traffic. Think about the problems like excessive stains and spillage due to pets or children. Once you are sure of the location for these natural tiles, think about the best finish for that area. Look at various finishes like tumbled or brushed and honed or polished. Tumbled or brushed varieties look good with great textures and provide a lot of grip with their anti-slip nature. The honed and polished varieties are more appealing visually. Think about the properties of various finishes and take a decision based on beauty and practicality. Travertine tiles need a sealer, whatever the finish may be. To find out the best sealer for your natural flooring surfaces, talk to the industry experts and the local suppliers. Ask them for advice on the best product for this natural stone. To achieve the best results, always follow the instructions on the label of the product. All natural stones have slight colour and venation variations. Though the suppliers try to give you the best batch of tiles, expect a few degrees of variations, due to the varying mineral deposits. Use this variation to your advantage. Open all the boxes and do a dry run with the tiles. Be creative and choose the best combination. Always read the warranty before you start the installation process. Check the whole batch thoroughly for cracks or chips during shipping. Talk to the supplier and resolve the issues with broken tiles. Some of the other factors to consider before you buy the tiles are the quality of the tiles, colour suitability to your interiors and the grout colour. Always employ professional installers for laying the tiles. The result is always appealing and they know the best way to grout and seal the floor. Correct way of grouting and sealing will ensure that your tile floor or wall lasts for a long time.
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