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Make Tile and Grout Cleaning Easier With Simple

by:Heng Xing     2020-06-10
Tile has long been a popular choice of home decorators for kitchen and bathroom applications. Today, more than ever, tile is making a splash in every room of the house with style and color options galore, from ceramic and porcelain designs to natural stone and even environmentally friendly products made from recycled glass. But, like any other type of surface in your hectic household, tile gets grimy over time, as does the grout that holds it in place. To protect the beauty and condition of your tile floors and walls, it's important to follow some simple dos and don'ts for tile and grout cleaning. First of all, DO pay attention to the appearance of your grout. If your white grout is beginning to yellow or your colored grout has gotten darker, it could be an indication of mold or mildew growth. In that case, while you may be tempted to get out the bleach and start scrubbing, it's best to hold off on any type of chlorine bleach solution, especially with colored grout. Specialized grout cleaners are available in stores that are far safer for restoring the condition of your grout and preserving its original color. Next, DON'T rely heavily on scrubbing and chemicals. Yes, tile is admired for its terrific durability, but that doesn't mean you should roll up your sleeves and risk irreversible damage to its beautiful finish and surface. Heavy-duty scrubbing and chemical-based solutions may do the trick in other areas of your home, but they're much too harsh for cleaning tiles and grout. It's better to always stick to products that are specified for safe tile and grout cleaning. Once your household surfaces been treated and renewed, DO be sure to finish off your tile and grout cleaning with a thorough application of grout sealer. Sold widely in hardware and home improvement stores, these sealants are available in both brush-on and spray-on formulas and can help to protect your floors and walls from further discoloration. Of course, you DON'T have to tackle your tile and grout cleaning on your own. Many carpet cleaning companies will also clean tile and grout using their powerful steam vacuum equipment. In fact, if the price is right, this may be your best option, since steam is the gentlest and most effective way to remove stubborn stains and grime from your household tile and grout. It's a good idea to call around and compare the costs of tile cleaning services in your area. Most carpet cleaning companies will provide price quotes right over the phone, as well as convenient scheduling. So DO restore the beauty of your decorative tile and grout, with safe and effective cleaning strategies for every room of the house. From ceramic tile floors and tub surrounds to stone kitchen backsplashes, knowing which washing methods to avoid can make a world of difference.
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