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Many Advantages Of Installing Slate For Floor

by:Heng Xing     2020-03-29
In the earlier times, slate was available only in black colour. In the present age, many colours and patterns are available that would suit any decor. Using slate for floor has many advantages. They are abundant in nature and hence come at a very low cost. As the demand for slate increases, more colours and shades are being created by the manufacturers. Many different polishes are available to make the flooring look amazing and unique. Any home whether small or large can use this stone for durable and rustic looking floors that blend well with the colours of the nature. Slate for floor is a versatile option as it is used in many areas inside and outside the homes. Inside the house, they can be used in the kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms or any other wet rooms. They are used on the exterior walls, cladding and pavements. Another great use of slate is as a roofing material. This natural material is stronger than its counterparts like the limestone, sandstone and terra cotta. This has high resistant to any kind of weather conditions. These tiles can act as insulating surfaces for the homes. Many homes in tropical areas use them on walls to keep the interiors cool. The timeless beauty of these tiles has been admired by many and used in many modern homes as well. The surface of these stones is not slippery and hence works well on wet flooring. They are hard wearing and can take a lot of pressure. They can be used on high traffic floors without any worry. Modern decorators are using slate for many other areas like the porch, open terrace, fireplace, and any other decorative area in the house. Landscaped gardens can use this stone on borders, skirting for fountains or pools etc. The black colour in this stone variety has a similar look like granite. They look wonderful on the kitchen flooring and countertops. This is a cheap alternative to granite, which is expensive. By using this stone, antique and old European styles can be created. Manufacturers are creating these tiles with beautiful patterns that enhance the original look of these tiles. They can be used in combination with other natural stones for enhanced beauty. The stone by nature is porous and has varying compressive strength. By using the modern techniques glossy finishes are being given to this humble stone. After installing slate for floor, the surface needs to be sealed well. The absorbing nature of these stones is decreased by the application of a sealant. This layer of sealant protects the floor from scratches and stains. Installation is a difficult process and done well by professionals. The installation is expensive, but as the tiles themselves do not cost much, they can fit into any budget. After proper installation, the maintenance of this flooring is quite easy. Take advantage of the many benefits of this stone and create beautiful and natural floors in your home.
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