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Marble Mosaic Tiles - Choose From A Variety Of

by:Heng Xing     2020-05-20
Marble mosaic tiles are very durable and they can be used for both decorative and utilitarian purposes. There are wide variety of designs and patterns from which one can choose from for various purposes. Marble mosaic tiles have been in use from ancient times and they still continue to be in use. Roman bathhouses also made use of marble mosaic tiles. Floral, animal pattern and other designs can be depicted up to greatest detail and clarity. The variety of designs and patterns available in marble mosaic tiles has made it a hot favourite within residential homes, for either using them for sophisticated bath areas or even sleek table tops. Mosaic marble tiles are not only aesthetically appealing but they are also heat and water resistant which makes them worth the investment. Also, one could choose different varieties of tiles, engraved with detailed artwork to adore their homes, offices. Marble mosaic tiles are very versatile and based on the design one can customize it to suit homes, offices, spas, restaurants and so on. It is very important to choose the right kind of marble mosaic tiles because they are a great investment which should be carefully considered. There are a wide variety of designs and patterns of marble tiles that one can choose from. Based on their needs they can choose the right kind of tiles. Bidasar Brown Marble: The Bidasar Brown Marble tile is highly durable owing to its natural finishing and is also fire resistant. Thus these features make them suitable to be used in kitchen. They are easy to maintain and long lasting. There are different designs and patterns available in the Bidasar brown marble, there are deep brown gradients as in the case of Brownk and lighter shades of brown as in the case of Falodi. Bidasar Green marble: The Bidasar green marble comes in exciting designs and patterns from which one could choose the one that is most suitable for them. These marbles can withstand high pressure and high temperatures and are long lasting in extreme conditions. These tiles are available in different shades of green, ranging from dark green to a greenish yellow. Green marble stone: The green marble stone is strong enough to with stand rough use. They are usually used for wash basin counters and kitchens because they are water resistant. Onyx Marble: This category of marble or marble mosaics comes in beautiful patterns that makes then very aesthetically alluring. These marble mosaic tiles are available in different patterns and designs and are mostly used for decorative purposes. The minute detailing and plethora of colors makes it a favorite amongst interior decorators. Jaisalmer Yellow marble: This unique marble variety is manufactured in Rajasthan. It comes in unique shades of yellow ochre and gives you the feel of the place it hails from. This type of marble is available in fine textures and different designs. These are usually use outdoors and for constructions.
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