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by:Heng Xing     2020-08-20

Well-identified works of this period are the floral mosaics of the Basilica di San Clemente, the façade of Santa Maria in Trastevere and San Paolo fuori le Mura. The lovely apse mosaic of Santa Maria in Trastevere depicts Christ and Mary sitting next to one another on the heavenly throne, the primary instance of this iconographic scheme.

The earliest mosaics, works of art of many unknown Venetian craftsmen (including probably Cimabue), date from 1225. The overlaying of the ceiling was in all probability not accomplished until the 14th century. In components of Italy, which have been beneath jap artistic influences, like Sicily and Venice, mosaic making never went out of trend within the Middle Ages. The whole interior of the St Mark's Basilica in Venice is clad with elaborate, golden mosaics.

The oldest scenes have been executed by Greek masters within the late eleventh century however the majority of the mosaics are works of local artists from the 12th–thirteenth centuries. The decoration of the church was finished only in the 16th century. One hundred and ten scenes of mosaics within the atrium of St Mark's were based directly on the miniatures of the Cotton Genesis, a Byzantine manuscript that was delivered to Venice after the sack of Constantinople . The final great period of Roman mosaic artwork was the 12th–thirteenth century when Rome developed its own distinctive creative type, free from the strict rules of japanese custom and with a more practical portrayal of figures in the house.

A comparable mosaic, the Coronation of the Virgin, decorates the apse of Santa Maria Maggiore. The mosaics of Torriti and Jacopo da Camerino in the apse of San Giovanni in Laterano from 1288–94 were thoroughly restored in 1884.

The apse mosaic of San Crisogono is attributed to Pietro Cavallini, the best Roman painter of the thirteenth century. Six scenes from the lifetime of Mary in Santa Maria in Trastevere have been also executed by Cavallini in 1290. These mosaics are praised for their realistic portrayal and attempts at perspective.
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