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Mosaic Kitchen Tile Ideas

by:Heng Xing     2020-04-16
Individually designed mosaic tile ideas are used to create high quality, beautiful kitchens that may even reflect the unique personality of the homeowner. Artfully crafted mosaics add value to the home not only for their beauty, but also for their durability and practicality in any kitchen. Kitchen tiles ideas are sometimes abstract designs, but they do not have to be. A wall mosaic may depict a montage of vegetables or fruits in bright colors. Another good choice for a sunny kitchen is a sunflowers collage created with mosaic tiles. Underwater scenes made with neutral beiges and shades of blue have a calming effect and are pleasant to gaze at. There is no need to remain realistic with kitchen tile ideas. The artist may feel free to place a lobster and a tomato together under the waves, or perhaps fish cavorting in the flowers. Classic, abstract shapes include swirls, filigrees, and fleur de lis. Celtic knot work makes a good, central design or a beautiful border. Many geometric kitchen tile ideas are designed from the center of the picture out to the edges. The symmetry makes them pleasing to look at. Abstract designs add beauty, flair, and value to a home kitchen. One key in choosing a design is to use colors in the mosaic that match the colors in the rest of the kitchen. It is easy to repaint kitchen walls a different color, but a mosaic tile display is permanent. Therefore, choosing classic colors will have a large effect on the future value of the home. Neutral, warm and light tones are excellent choices for abstract design colors. They go with many kitchen color schemes and are easy to work with for a homeowner who wishes to switch from white painted cabinets to natural wood cabinets, for example. Contrast is necessary in a good design; without contrast, the mosaic will be uninteresting to look at. Contrast is achieved with a dark color or black, a very light or white color, or even varying shades of the same color. Common spots to brighten up in the kitchen include the most common workspaces, such as over the stove, sink, or food preparation counter. Circular, abstract designs centered on the wall over the stove turn a utilitarian workspace into a work of art. Matching the tile colors to the colors of the stove itself, the teakettle, and other kitchen accouterments makes for a well-integrated kitchen design. Kitchen tile ideas may be used to create an accent in the kitchen, such as above the stove, but also to cover the wall space of entire kitchen. A muted 'Arlechino' design with different tones of yellow or light blue will make a kitchen cheerful but not overwhelming. Slate tiles are used on both the floor and walls of some kitchens, with the cupboards and appliances serving as contrast. However you decide to tile your kitchen, do plan it out carefully first on paper. Planning how you want the wall to look helps prevent any mistakes.
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