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Mosaic Manufacturing Launches New $499 Palette 2 For Multi

by:Heng Xing     2020-08-15

Desktop 3D printers create objects by melting down and reforming filament. Previously, although there have been quite a few filament forms of various colours and materials out there on the market, the ultimate object printed could only be created from one type of filament, of one color.

Now the company launched its multi-materials 3D printing ecosystem, which incorporates Palette 2, the CANVAS Software Platform, and CANVAS Hub. Palette 2 can be used alongside a consumer’s existing 3D printer, or may be integrated immediately right into a 3D printer by the printer’s producer. The Palette 2 units enable users to combine versatile supplies, inflexible supplies, soluble materials and different coloured ones in a single print. The company says it's suitable with practically all filament-based printers on the market.

Mosaic feels the power to solely print in a single color and single materials is a constraint many users have grown uninterested in and has sought to address the issue with its Palette products. Alongside Palette 2, Mosaic has developed a multi-materials cloud software program platform - CANVAS.

The device could be integrated by users onto their existing 3D printers, or manufacturers have the choice of installing it instantly right into a printer. His firm got here out with the revolutionary Palette in 2018 which let customers combine different filaments in desktop FDM 3D printers and then improved it with the Palette 2. The Palette is an add on to current printers and may broaden the scope of issues that individuals can make with desktop machines together with using extra colors and mixing different hardnesses and supplies. Now they firm has come up with the Palette 2S ($599), Palette 2S Pro ($799, better splicing) and the Canvas Hub S (cloud-based slicing, and color indication, $139). The Palettes, and Canvas Hub, are interesting products and comprise of a really tiny motion towards a “3D printer aftermarket,” so we caught up with Mitch to find out more.

Current slicing software program programs on the market were designed for single materials machines, and pressure customers to undergo 4 instances the work to create a 4 colour multi-material print. CANVAS was designed from the start to streamline multi-materials workflow, automating and simplifying the process to allow anybody utilizing a 3D printer to access multi-material slicing. Mosaic has already positioned hundreds of models of its previous products, Palette and Palette+, in customers' hands in more than 40 countries across the globe. Palette 2 is the primary product in the 3D business to be able to combine right into a 3D printer's workflow to create a 'one click print expertise', thereby providing non-technical customers with entry to multi-material 3D printing.
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