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Mosaic Resources - How to Find and Plan The Perfect

by:Heng Xing     2020-05-13
There are literally hundreds of different types of mosaic tiles available to purchase. From Traditional stone tiles to ceramic, glass, wood and even metal the range of choice can be quite overwhelming! When planning a home renovation project, it is therefore wise to plan and direct your resources at the rooms which will be use most. The kitchen is widely regarded as one of the most well used rooms in most houses. Being the place were food is prepared and often a meeting place for the family, it is worth spending more on this room then for example on a bedroom where the main usage will be just at night. Taking this into account it is worth purchasing high quality mosaic tiles for the kitchen. Glass mosaic in particular will give quite a classy look to a modern styled kitchen, take a look at some interior deco magazines for ideas and modern color themes. Alternatively if you are going for a more 'rustic' old fashioned kitchen then more traditional stone tiles may fit better. These tiles may be less colorful and shiny then some modern ones, with their subdued and earthy tones, but they will give a certain sense of authenticity to your kitchen. When tackling your bathroom, some people like to use much brighter, striking tiles. Because you are only usually in the bathroom for short periods, this approach may well work, whereas very colorful tiles in a room you will use a lot could be too overpowering. When buying tiles it is wise to get samples to physically take back to you home, you can then visualise exactly what they will look like in situ. You can get some great deals online though and remember you can usually buy samples cheaply from most online tile suppliers, so that you can really check what the tiles look like in person. Never simply buy tiles by looking at an online photo however, you will be spending too much of your hard earned cash to risk getting tiles you are not totally happy with! So to conclude, focus on the rooms you will use the most, look at other peoples kitchens and bathrooms as well as show rooms and also online pictures to give yourself ideas for a color scheme. Once you've got your tiles make sure you have them fitted by a competent tiler, whether professional or amateur- badly fitted tiles will ruin the look of your design, so you need to hold out for a quality finish
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