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Sealing Terracotta Tiles Using Impregnating Sealers

by:Heng Xing     2020-04-21
Sealing terracotta tiles is easily achieved as terracotta is made from natural clays. This is evident as there are differences in color that arise from the firing process. Terracotta floor tiles aren't as extremely fired like other floor tiles and may be significantly more porous. Therefore, sealing terracotta tiles is crucial in order to lessen their natural ability to absorb. One good reason for sealing terracotta is to protect it from wear and tear. Another is to lessen maintenance and to reduce the probability of staining. Also, sealing terracotta will give the floor a natural finish that will improve the color and beauty of the floors. For terracotta tile floors, it is suggested that you only use cement and clean yellow plaster sand in a 1:1 ratio in grouting the tiles. The grout mixture must only be added with bonding liquids when correct and immediate clean-up can be done. If using pre-packaged grout, you should be careful because these materials contain plasticizers, pigments and latex resins which can bring about staining if not properly cleaned right after grouting. When grouting, grout only small areas of the floors at a time because the excess grout on the tile's surface should be cleaned right away before the grout dries. Grout cleaner can also be added into the water to help clean the grout easily. After grouting, you can use an acid-based cleaner for cleaning the cement residues and grout. After using acid-based cleaners, use another cleaner to neutralize the surface. Neutralizing the surfaces can help prevent sealing terracotta a failure. Why is a terracotta tile sealer important? Terracotta, natural stones, clay and cement tiles are materials that have been formed, pressed or quarried. Their natural characteristics cannot be changed; hence sealing terracotta should be done to protect the material from the following: 1. Sealing terracotta can lessen its porosity, decreasing the probability of permanent staining. 2. A sealer can protect it from chemical attacks from acidic materials such as vinegar, coffee, soft drinks, wine and sugar. 3. Sealing it can make the surface more durable since it can increase its resistance from abrasion. 4. Sealing can also enhance the natural finish of the material. Here are some things to remember when sealing floors. 1. Give enough time for the tile adhesive and grout to completely dry out prior to sealing. Consult its label for the appropriate drying time. 2. Avoid getting the terracotta floors wet for around 24 hours after sealing it. 3. Give your terracotta tile sealer at least 4 to 8 hours drying time before allowing foot traffic.
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