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Sorting Out Your New Bathroom

by:Heng Xing     2020-05-11
The bathroom, like the kitchen, is one of the main rooms within a home that are a necessity to have access to at all times. When people move home or if they decide to completely change the appearance of this room it can be tough to deal with. Certain jobs will take longer than others, but once it is all fully complete you can benefit from a sparkling new bathroom that will be the perfect place to relax in. If you are looking to add tiles or retile the room then this is a much larger job, and it may be best to hire a professional if you do not feel you will be able to complete it to a high standard. It is best to spend a bit extra on your bathroom as it is a room you cannot live without for too long. Minimising problems by ensuring you have quality materials and hire someone reputable to fit it is important and should speed up the process. When tiles have been fitted to the walls or floors they have to have grout put in-between the tiles. This forms a seal between the gaps and stops water from seeping through. Going in the shower too soon after grouting can cause problems as the water will go through the walls and can sometimes come out through the ceiling below! It is best to leave grout to dry for 3 days, so make sure that before you have this work completed that you have access to a relative or friends shower for a few days. If it is the floors that you have had tiled it is still a good idea to buy some bath mats. When getting out of the bath or shower all of the water that drips off will be in that one place on the floor. It is a good idea to try to minimise damage to any new floor tiles especially or the need to grout again soon after they are placed, a bath mat should soak up the majority of the water. Once all of the work is out of the way your new sparkling bathroom can become the perfect place to relax in. It is the only real room within a house where you have complete privacy and can chill out. A hot bubble bath is a fantastic way to unwind and not have to think about anything, whilst appreciating the brand new tiles fitted around you.
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