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Wall Tiles - Not Just Utility, But A Touch Of

by:Heng Xing     2020-06-08
Wall tiles come in such amazing patterns and concepts that the home d?�cor of your living room can be dramatically enhanced by mounting the right kind of decorative tiles in the right place. An assortment of well-selected tiles of different sizes and patterns mounted at the right spots add as much charm and character to your walls as much as wall papers or wall hangings. Even though the options are many, Ceramic have always remained the best option because they are very easy to maintain and more long lasting. Glazed ceramic comes with a brilliant polish as well as the maximum number of colours and patterns to suit any home d?�cor. They also are odorless. As a result, they neither absorb nor store odor. But, the most striking advantage is that, they don't burn your pockets too much. So, you can even change them on a regular basis if you're tired of the same designs. All these properties make interior designers unanimously vote for the ever-popular ceramic tiles. Mosaic is another excellent option in wall tiles, and in fact they are very attractive with their different hues and textures. That's why current trends in the home d?�cor industry favor the usage of mosaic tiles. They can also be mixed in terms of sizes and hues to create interesting compositions on walls. On many occasions, mosaic is also mixed and matched with ceramic to create customized compositions. But the downside with mosaic is that installing, mounting and maintaining them is a tedious job and they are much more expensive too. But for some, the energizing effect created by mosaic is worth the extra effort and costs. For the more upscale and luxurious look, home decorators also opt for Marble or Glass. Real marble tiles especially have a unique, lovely look like no other surface, with their spiralling patterns and shade variations. But the high maintenance requirements pose a problem. Tiles come in modern, classic and natural themes and you can choose the theme keeping your overall home decor in mind and the effect you want to create. There are innovative concepts involved in the way you mount or place the tiles too. There are quite a few renowned brands manufacturing them. The tile products are priced based on what you need: size, type, finish and the uniqueness of the design/pattern that you are looking for. Wall tiles have been known for their functionality and style, even back in the 11th Century when the Spanish and Arabs used them in palaces and mosques and spread their influence worldwide. Today, we use them in homes for the very same reason, and the top trend these days are singular or a handful of large, eye catching pieces dramatising your living space in the right places.
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