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What about the exports of Hengsheng in recent years?
The number of Foshan Nanhai Hengsheng Crystal Mosaic Co.,Ltd. products exporting into the overseas nations is steadily growing over the years. As the offspring of innovative engineering and best employees' hard work, glass metal mix mosaic tiles supplied by us enjoys superior performance and continues to be widely recognized by clients. Due to this foreign-trade coverage and infrastructure building, we're somewhat more couraged to develop our own business to the foreign market as well as keeping ahead.

Hengsheng Crystal Mosaic is a large metal mosaic industry in China with a complete range of products and series. The glass mosaic series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. Without filaments or glass enclosures, the product is breakage resistant and largely immunes to various vibrations and impacts. It is not easy to be damaged. The mosaics are consistent in color, sizing and finish. A mature sales network promotes to the sales of stone mosaic. Heng Xing branded mosaics are supplied at 30000 square meters per month.

Mosaic glass tile is the development tenet of Hengsheng Crystal Mosaic. Please contact.
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