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What is the proportion of material cost to total production cost for glass mosaic tile?
The production cost consists of direct material cost, labour cost and manufacturing facility cost. Normally, the material cost takes up about thirty to forty percent of the total production cost. The figure may vary depending on the specific products, while in order to produce high quality glass mosaic tile, we never cut down the investment on the material due to corporate parsimony. Besides, we would invest more in the technology introduction and product innovation to improve manufacturing efficiency and lower the overall manufacturing cost.
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Stable in quality and quantity, metal mosaic from Foshan Nanhai Hengsheng Crystal Mosaic Co.,Ltd. is popular among customers. Hengsheng Crystal Mosaic provides a wide range of NEW ARRIVALS for customers. Heng Xing metallic kitchen wall tiles is manufactured in tune with set production guidelines by employing premium-quality raw material and pioneering technology. Hengsheng Crystal Mosaic's mosaics are shape-various. The product consumes little energy when working. It can transform little physical or electrical energy into enormous mechanical energy to finish its tasks. The mosaics are easy to reset.
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We pledge to put both business success and environment protection as our priority. We assume social responsibility during production to reduce carbon footprint as much as possible.

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