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With the tiles laid in place, leveling off begins

by:Heng Xing     2020-04-30
To fill the cracks between the tiles, make a second mixture of cement; a 1:3 mix, but thinned with water to a creamy paste. Pour it over the tiles and work into the cracks with a paint brush. Mop up the excess, and then wipe the tiles clean with a damp cloth frequently rinsed. If you have laid the floor in sections, repeat the entire process until all tiles are laid. At entrances, lay the tiles in a straight line drawn between the door casings. At this point, you will discover that you have raised the level of your bathroom floor. This is due to the 3/4' of cement plus 1/4' of tile. The old wood floor was less thick. To make an adjustment between the tile floor and the floor of adjoining rooms, spread a tapered layer of cement across the threshold and lay the wooden saddle or threshold over the cement. It will no longer be level across the top, but its curved surface is designed to adjust such differences. If you decide to replace the baseboard, lay a 1/2' ribbon of caulking compound around the entire edge of the bathroom on the tile and press the new baseboard into this compound to provide a watertight joint. Quarter-round shoe molding may, of course, be either nailed into the baseboard or omitted. If there are left-over traces of cement on the tiles and it has hardened, make a solution of 10 per cent muriatic acid and water and wash the floor with it. The acid softens the cement to permit removal. Wear rubber gloves and be careful in handling the acid. Read the directions carefully. If the mortar between the tiles has become soiled, wash the floor with sodium hypochlorite or with any chlorine cleansing liquid.
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