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Your Fantastic Guide To Limestone Tile Flooring

by:Heng Xing     2020-04-11
Limestone tile flooring is used creatively in many non-traditional places all through the home. Though it looks best on the bathroom and kitchen floors and showers, some uncommon places like the mantle piece of a fireplace, a table top on the outdoor dining area etc look great with limestone. This natural stone stands out, when used in a shower, or a spa around the tub. Decorators feel that limestone complements other materials at home wonderfully. The natural look of this stone goes well with granite and marble. If you want a textured feel in your home, then the softness and unique texture of this stone looks great in various parts of the home. Here is a guide giving you few tips on decorating your rooms with limestone. A� Limestone is used on the shower walls and floors to create decadence like a spa. Use the polished ones with good patterned venation for the wonderful effect. A� If your bathroom has space for a large bathtub, then install a deep sunken bathtub made of limestone. Indulge in the beauty of stone and create luxurious spaces to relax. A� In the bathrooms, limestone can be used even on the vanity counter top. This way a royal elegance is brought within a simple bathroom. A� If you have a spacious patio, use limestone tile flooring with some accents of other stones. You can place a table with limestone top. This provides a perfect setting for Sunday brunches. Use these stones in the form of inlays on the floors. Limestone flooring is definitely recommended by the architects if you prefer a home with classiness and beauty. The colours are earthy and desirable. They are equally used in the current and classic buildings. You can use them for casual settings or official settings based on the finishing. This is an eco-friendly product and has a lot of flexibility. The porosity is less when a sealant is applied. This way, the flooring can be turned into a space of high resilience, hard and durable. These stones are strong and stay with you for many years if maintained well. The up keep of limestone tile flooring is easy. This stone does not let bacteria and other germs to thrive. Hence, it is ideal for wet areas like the bathrooms and kitchens. The surfaces are easy to clean, and there is no trace of stains. There are many options to consider for flooring. Based on your tastes and personality, choose these tiles for that charm and decadence. They are affordable and transform your house into a relaxing and vibrant space.
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