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2020 Guangzhou ceramic industry exhibition 'heart' route--Jinjiang station

by:Heng Xing     2019-10-31
On the afternoon of October 9, it was jointly sponsored by China Building Materials Federation, China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Building Materials Industry Branch, ceramic information and Tao Wei net, fujian Ceramic Industry Association, Fujian Yuanfu Biomass Technology Co. , Ltd. co-sponsored, xinjingtai, France Louis Kadan winery and other support of the 2019 ceramic industry (Fujian)The Development Summit Forum was held in Jinjiang, Fujian. The forum discussed how ceramic enterprises should break the board, reduce costs and enhance their vitality. Zhou Zhizhou, vice president of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Building Materials Branch, mentioned in his speech at the conference that since last year, our industry has encountered many difficulties and how to get through the current situation is a common concern of ceramic enterprises. The theme of this forum is'Reduce costs and enhance vitality'. These eight words are one of the choices for industry companies to survive the current predicament. In terms of reducing costs, it is possible to improve enterprise efficiency and save energy consumption by accelerating the process of intelligent production of ceramic tiles. Let more enterprises realize the interconnection and interaction of equipment, improve production efficiency with data integration, and then upgrade and transform the production mode, better realize intelligence, and improve the overall profitability of the industry and enterprises. To'Enhance vitality' In other words, enterprises can introduce advanced management methods, introduce outstanding talents, and introduce high-tech production equipment to reduce production energy consumption, improve production efficiency, and increase sales channels and expand sales networks. At present, the development pattern of global manufacturing industry is undergoing major changes. Accelerating the promotion of manufacturing power is a major strategic deployment made by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council based on the overall situation and focusing on the long term. China's ceramic industry should keep up with the latest situation, move towards the middle and high-end level, and move towards production automation and intelligence. Gong Wei, secretary general of the China Association of Building and sanitary ceramics, pointed out that in recent years, the shrinking market demand, the reshuffle of the real estate market, the emergence of new materials and cross-border competition have brought huge impacts to the industry. In the past 2018, including the first half of 2019, the industry has experienced an unprecedented winter. At present, the whole industry is discussing how to go in the future transformation of China's ceramic industry? In September, I took a group of young pottery entrepreneurs to visit a pottery factory owned by KERAjet group in Spain. There are two production lines with an average daily output of 20 thousand square meters. The company's production system adds up to 27 employees in three shifts, and one day shift is about ten people. The workers that can be seen in the factory are basically operating the machine to check whether the machine is running. More employees in the packaging line project, the largest proportion is the Porter of the product, using manual forklifts. The per capita labor productivity of this factory reaches 3000 euros per person per day, which is also very considerable at 300 days a year. At present, the vast majority of Chinese enterprises do not reach such a production level. This puts forward new goals and new topics for ceramic enterprises and equipment enterprises. Fujian production area has a strong industrial base and a huge sales channel, which is precisely the unique advantage compared with other production areas. Everyone should be firm in confidence that even if the market demand shrinks rapidly, at least no other materials will replace ceramic tiles in the next year 45 years. Where are the advantages and disadvantages of Fujian production area? How to maximize the advantages? I hope that through the meeting, we can find a correct and healthy development path for the future Fujian production area. Lu Hongping, director of the ceramics department of the building materials branch of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, told everyone that the 2020 Ceramic Industry Exhibition will be held on May 26, 2020-It was held at the Canton Fair exhibition hall on the 29th. The theme is to bring together the innovative power of global ceramic people. The 2020 Guangzhou ceramic industry exhibition will bring together the resource advantages of the four major national prefix associations, share multi-dimensional information of the industry, and invite professional buyers point-to-point with a complete integrated database, unprecedented high concentration of industry intelligence, green, innovative equipment and products, the extension will bring together more professional buyers, hold the ceramic industry summit forum, invite industry cutting-edge technical experts, senior figures, industry leaders and others have held several zero-point dialogues. The 2020 Guangzhou ceramic industry exhibition will be an industry event that brings together the innovation power of global ceramic people! The 2020 Guangzhou ceramic industry exhibition meets the entire museum in Area A of Canton Fair exhibition hall! Ingenuity, low carbon and environmental protection, cross-border sharing May 26, 2020- Co-sponsored on the 29th: China Building Materials Federation China building Sanitary Ceramics Association China International Trade Promotion Committee Building Materials Industry Branch China Ceramic Industry Association, China Ceramic brand Daquan, all in China Ceramic network!
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