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Bathroom Tiles - Top 5 Bathroom Tiles Trends for 2013

by:Heng Xing     2020-04-09
The bathroom tiles trends for the year 2013 are a combination of elegant fixtures and earthy colours. Trends and styles have always favoured functionality. We can see a lot of movement towards the use of luxurious products. This year has seen a higher trend and focus towards the use of comfort and elegance. Tiles that are eco-friendly are doing the rounds and helping conservation of earth's precious resources. So what are the top 5 trends in bathroom tiles for the year 2013? 1. Large European tiles are the hottest trends of 2013. These are embodiments of style and elegance that do not over power the other accessories in the bathroom. Large format tiles result in less number of grout lines. This way a uniform and seamless layer of the floor or wall is created, which speaks volumes of luxurious interiors. Take care about selecting the non-slip tiles for bathrooms as large formats and less grout means lesser grip. Larger formats usually look better in spacious bathrooms that have large windows to bring in natural light. 2. The trendy colours of 2013 are serene and earthy. These bring about a blissful calm into the stressful schedules of the modern generation. Refreshing and cool colours like the green, blues, ivory and beige are the latest trends. These colours give a spa-like feeling and pamper you from the moment you walk into the bathroom. Neutral colours have also been ruling the industry since the onset of 2012, and will continue to be in style for the next year too. 3. Natural bath is the talk of today. Use of recycled materials like the recycled glass is in fashion today and is the predicted trend for 2013. Use of ceramic and porcelain tile in the wood-grain finish is on top of the list for 2013. Ceramic and porcelain brighten up the room with their glaze. Glass tiles add a lot of shine to the bathroom and work well as accents behind the vanity or the bathtub. Wood finish adds a touch of natural element to your bath. Wood looks great on the sinks and bathtubs too. Tiles with leather and wood finish add a lot of personality to the bathroom. 4. Shower enclosures with eye-catching designs are very trendy. Design the space in a creative way and use natural stones, quartz, glass and fashionable ceramic in the showers. Surround yourself with the colours and designs you love. This is the best way to design a living space. It should reflect your personality and provide you peace of mind. 5. The overall design trend for 2013 is modern rather than traditional. Use bathroom tiles and designs that ooze out contemporary design. The lighting fixtures, colours of the cabinets, and the overall colour theme are also modern. Choose the bathroom linen and the other decorations in tune with the tiles on the floors and walls. Choose eco-friendly and warm tones in the bathrooms and get pampered every day. Create a peaceful and stress-free environment in your homes.
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