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Buying new tiles

by:Heng Xing     2020-04-13
Most suitable modern replacement tiles are now metric in size and are usually 9-10 mm thick. They are known as dust pressed tiles with the colour running throughout the body of the tile. There are available ranges, some with 25 colours that encompass both traditional and contemporary shades. Colours can vary very slightly between factory production runs but generally remain very consistent. The tiles in the affordable ranges are approximately 9mm thick. Apart from a very subtle difference in size and colour the modern ranges are the closest available to the original system of ceramic dust pressed pre-moulded Victorian tiles. Some reproduction Victorian Floor Tile ranges feature tiles with square edges that have been pre moulded so that they can be closely assembled to recreate an accurate and authentic look. The tiles are arranged individually to create the field and border requiring minimal cutting. Original Victorian Tiled floors were based on the Imperial system. All of the geometric components featured in most modern ranges are based on the metric system. If the tiles are required in Imperial measurements then in nearly all cases the tile will need to be cut from a larger tile. With geometric style Victorian pre moulded tiles the design possibilities are infinite and the traditional layouts range from very simple black and white chequerboards to highly elaborate complex layouts featuring Decorative Encaustic tiles. These modern ranges now offer the possibility of recreating entire matching designs with authentic detail as well as providing a good range of colours for repair work. One very important point here is that the modern tiles, being thinner than the originals are much easier to use for minor repairs as they allow space for the adhesive when dropping in tiles next to the existing originals. Useful advice on having restoration work carried out Check the credentials of fitter ensure they have undertaken training and previous work of a similar type.Check the proposed colours for repairs.Work is usually gradual so you can quickly review the tilers progress and skill.Insist on minimal grout lines for authentic look.Remember a final clean reduces the appearance of any areas that have been repaired as colours will brighten significantly. Useful advice on having new tiles installed If buying tiles in a loose format ensure that the fitter has experience of fitting traditional designs especially if they are complex. Sheeted tiles are now available through some companies broadening the possibility of employing a good qualified tiler to fit a complex design.Try to request a diagram of the planned design.Ensure that all fixing specifications are provided detailing for example the type of adhesive and grout that is used.Always ensure that the base on which the tiles are to be fixed is solid, smooth and has been checked buy the tiler. General care and maintenance of exterior tile schemes Try to clean at least once a month by removing organic matter such as leaves.Check that the grout lines are full and replenish if necessary, this will minimise water penetration and subsequent damage.For a deep clean to remove the build-up of dirt use patio cleaner in a dilute format and wash immediately to neutralise. This treatment is more suited to the maintenance of new installations.If you have any other concerns then consult a specialist. Why and where are Victorian Floor tiles preferable to other types of flooring? Reasons to install a new mosaic feature/ Geometric Victorian Floor Tiles Practical, hard wearing and easy to maintainDecorative and aesthetically pleasingHardwearing and long-lastingIn keep with period architecture.Adds and retains value to a property Suitable applications for new installations Halls, paths and porchesConservatories, bathrooms and kitchensShop fronts and retail areasGarden featuresAdaptable addition to architectural or interior design schemes
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