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Dajiao deer won the 'gold medal' in the Chinese Italian ceramic design Grand Prix'

by:Heng Xing     2019-11-01
On October 10, the Italian Association of ceramic machinery and equipment manufacturers (ACIMAC)Co-sponsored with Taocheng Daily The 7th China Italian ceramic design Grand Prix awards ceremony'Held in Foshan grand. The Italian famous Stone series designed by Robert, director of research and development of Dajiao deer products and senior Italian designer · Lu Na gray, with its unique color and advanced super wear-resistant technology in the world, stands out from many excellent quality ceramic tile products and wins the highest award in ceramic design--China Italian ceramic design Grand Prix gold medal! Three years ago, south Shunzhi, chairman of Dajiao deer, led the research and development team to search for rare and rare stones in Italy, Turkey, France and other world-famous mining areas and discovered Luna Gray, a rare and rare stone in Italy, after spending a lot of money to buy back home, Robert, director of research and development of Dajiao deer products and senior Italian designer, took more than three months to perfectly revive Italian Luna ash. The space created by a stone and 16 sides of Italian Luna ash often brings a kind of elegance. Fashion. The simple feeling is suitable for mainstream decoration design styles such as modern luxury, which is favored by trendy fashion people and is the first choice for famous designers. It is reported that the jury of this Sino-Italian ceramic design competition is composed of Italian authoritative industry organizations, international senior designers, Chinese ceramic technology experts and Taocheng newspaper, based on the principle of fairness and professionalism, ceramic tile products with domestic resources, combined with Italian equipment and technology, advanced design concepts and high-quality quality were selected. The jury has a strong lineup and a large number of participating products.
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