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Five Extraordinary Decorating Ideas Using Mosaic

by:Heng Xing     2020-04-09
Homeowners want their property to be exceptionally wonderful, inside and out. You may feel the same way about your own living space, whether it's a two-bedroom single detached home in the suburbs or a small loft in the city. There are many things you can do to elevate the style of your home like repainting certain spaces in eye-catching colours, buying an ultra modern furniture, or, using mosaic art. Using the third option will not cost you an arm and a leg, but it will take dedication and imagination to come up with extraordinary styles for your home. Here are five amazing ideas you can use. Instead of the usual stone tiles for your outdoor entertainment space and your terrace, look into mosaic floor designs. The vibrant colours and textures can instantly lend a Mediterranean or Eastern appeal to your outdoor spaces. You can choose to do up the entire floor space or just have one area designed with your preferred pattern. From your floors to your walls - turn drab walls into virtual art spaces with a mural using different shards of tiles and glass. You can create a definitive image of historical icons or natural elements. You can choose to go with a pattern that's evocative of Greece or Mexico. You can even do modern geometric patterns. The design of your mural will naturally depend on what interior (or exterior) style you want to use. Mosaicscan revitalise the look of your bathroom and kitchen. You can inject a wealth of colour to your shower area by having the walls installed with different shades of blue or green pieces of tiles. You can go with any pattern that fits the overall look of your bath or use modern designs like forming blocks of captivating words or spellbinding pixilated images. Your kitchen, meanwhile, could standout with any creative design and pattern on countertops and splashbacks. Mosaic patterns will work for any kind of kitchen: contemporary, French or Tuscan country, and classic. Refurbish old tables and turn them into conversation starters. You don't have to buy new furniture to smarten up your spaces. By working on your old tables, and using a variety of tiles, glass, or stones, you can renew its life and make an interesting addition to your garden set, patio furniture, or living room set. The more elaborate the design, the more your guests will notice it. Turn simple everyday items into spectacular pieces by embellishing them with mosaic tiles. From mirrors to trays, from wall mounted coat racks to picture frames, you can redecorate on a budget just by redesigning items that you already have in your home. Making your home extraordinary doesn't need to be expensive. By producing remarkable designs with pieces of colourful and textured tiles, glass, or stones, you create a distinctive style for your spaces. Transform your home and decorate with mosaics today.
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