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Floor Tiles - Your Way to Trendy Living Spaces

by:Heng Xing     2020-04-26
One of the first areas that visitors notice while entering your home is the floor. That's why choosing the right surface solution is the most important part of any home-decor plan. Moreover, the floor is the most used part of our home and consequently, the most worn-out too. So, the obvious surface solution becomes flooring tiles which are durable, easy to clean and gives a more upscale look to the most ordinary of homes. When people sort through many flooring options, they usually end up purchasing Ceramic tiles. Compared to marble and mosaic, ceramic is easier to clean and more cost-effective considering its durability. Furthermore, they are available in an umpteen number of sizes, shapes, textures, patterns and colors and blend in with almost any decorating style or budget. The best part of using ceramic tiles for your floor is that handy homeowners can install it themselves with some patience and detailed how-to-do-it instructions. But unevenly laid tiles may look very shabby and immediately draw attention to the smallest of flaws and removing them is equally tedious. So for those unsure of their abilities, it's better to entrust the installation to a professional. Mostly, though you can have fun with installing these tiles and altering them around when you are bored with a particular design. Ceramic tiles usually come in glazed or unglazed types. But the perfect choice for the heavy-duty areas of home flooring is the unglazed Porcelain tile. Heated at extreme temperatures, it makes them stronger than and less-water absorbent than other ceramic tiles. Talking about Mosaic tiles, it is made from an amalgamation of different types of clay with color pigments added. It's also fun to point to an interesting piece of history here. They were the norm even with ancient Roman families whose floors were inlaid with mosaic tiles showcasing elaborate and unique patterns or scenes from daily life. So, for those looking for long-lasting floors, please take note that some of these centuries-old Roman mosaic tiles have survived till today. Marble Tiles are currently very popular. It is true that this was a choice reserved strictly for the upper rich classes in olden times as the stone was mined only in Italy and then imported from there, rendering it very expensive and out of reach for the middle class. But the local mining and refining of this natural stone has made it a more affordable choice these days for people seeking this stylish and luxurious looking tile. Another growing trend is the usage of stone effect tiles. These look like real stone, but are lighter. They also create a warmer, earthy feel to our home especially the bathrooms especially when the trend is to move our living spaces closer to nature. We are so obsessed about keeping in line with the latest in fashion trends - be it our clothes, accessories or shoes. Why should your floors be devoid of the trendiness? Take your time in nailing down the functional requirements and budget limitations of your home, determine the personality that you want it to have and choose your floor tiles accordingly.
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