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For 21 years, ou shennuo is grateful to you who are the same as the person involved!

by:Heng Xing     2020-04-12
Time Ran, time finger sand, 21 years of time, a flick of a finger. Ou shennuo all the way through the thorns, from sailing, gaining momentum, to soaring, fission, and creation, we walked out of the unique development path of OU shennuo with a head-on attitude. On this road, the footprints are all over the place, because there are a group of elite teachers who are brave and good at fighting, and a team of brave and resourceful tigers and wolves, all the way along with ou shennuo, outside, occupying the market high point, stand one side of heaven and earth; Inside, the tree pioneer model, set an example benchmark. Set sail: at the starting point, start the first shot 1998- 2000 is an era full of opportunities. It is an era in which people with entrepreneurial confidence are excited. The market is in the ascendant, companies are springing up, and the commercial publicity market is full of business opportunities. . . . . In August 1998, oshennuo ceramics was established in Foshan, Guangdong province. The following year, oshennuo launched its own innovative product multi-layer large-particle vitrified brick'Yuhua stone' Since then, it has started a legendary journey of high-end tile brands. In 2000, oshennuo's National Dealer annual meeting and outstanding customer commendation meeting, at that time, oshennuo was in the sailing stage, but there were still people of insight who resolutely chose to join oshennuo. There is no road in the world, and more people will become the road. In the sailing stage, oshennuo walked out of a solid and smooth road. Gaining momentum: steady development, deepening brand 2001- 2006 this is a period when passion collides with dreams; It is a period of success that dares to think and dare to do the goal direction; It is also a period full of temptation that needs constant persistence and persistence. At this stage, oshennuo focuses on production and brand building. Production lines applying new technology and equipment have been completed and put into operation one after another, and the production scale and scientific research strength have developed rapidly. Oushennuo Sanshui factory base completed on 2001, oushennuo new product launch conference and Marketing Symposium good brand development trend, but also attracted many excellent dealers and then joined the team to fight the elite division. In the past five years, we have spread the national sales network of oshennuo to the whole country. Take-off: increase production speed and make full efforts 2007- 2011 ou shennuo has been leading the industry change, innovating and creating wisdom, opening up breakthroughs and seizing opportunities, that is, mastering the market. 'Life gate'. With the ignition and production of Jingdezhen production base, oshennuo's R & D, production, sales and other comprehensive efforts have established a leading position in the industry and market. The scale of ignition and production of Jingdezhen production base was formed at this stage. With the continuous breakthrough of enterprise scale and brand influence, oshennuo has refined its national outlets and gradually expanded its market layout, increasing the number of stores to more than 500. Fission: heavy technology, determined to break through 2012- 2016 product series continues to bring forth new ideas, media promotion achieves full coverage, public welfare activities refresh brand impression and abide by'Innovation, cooperation and Zhiyuan' The core values of OU shennuo ushered in the golden period of brand development. Oshennuo also attaches great importance to technology and respects originality. During this period, oshennuo won an average of more than 40 honors and nearly 20 patents each year. The brand-new Sanshui base building has also undergone fission, as well as the dealer Army owned by oshennuo, which has achieved full coverage of important cities in all provinces of the country, with the number of stores nationwide increasing from 500 to 1200, it took us only four years. Creation: rate fashion, looking at the World 2017- 2019 strong R & D and production Foundation and market accumulation have pushed oshennuo step by step towards scale and specialization. However, we always believe that only by raising our horizons to the world can we take off again at a higher level. On 2017, oshennuo launched Casaro international fashion high-end ceramic tiles, and took the lead in releasing the new retail model of ceramic tile O2O to benchmark international high-standard products and subvert the traditional consumer selection experience, once again sensational industry and market. 2017'Looking at the world is just around the corner' International Wind Casaro Casara global listing conference ou shennuo new retail smart store, this period, the market has been evaluated as'Downturn, slowdown' However, ou shennuo has grown against the trend. With the further expansion of the channel, ou shennuo's stores have grown to more than 2000, and the target market has been invested internationally and exported to more than 60 countries and regions in the world. Twenty-one years of glorious years and twenty-one years of outstanding achievements, such as a magnificent, magnificent, magnificent and colorful picture, carry the splendor and glory of OU shennuo. In this long struggle, we have always been inseparable from the dealer's family. We are taking a common step and moving towards a common goal. In the road of unique development of OU shennuo, we are left behind. Perseverance, tenacious struggle, brave forward footprint. (This article contributes to the enterprise)
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