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Hengsheng Commercial mosaic Design

by:Heng Xing     2019-10-29
Foshan Nanhai Hengsheng Crystal Mosaic Co.,Ltd. focus on Commercial space vs private house design, what is the difference? ''Commercial space design personality expression trend? ''How to achieve perfect grafting between design and consumption? ''How should future products be combined with commercial space?These four major issues are discussed to discuss the new direction of commercial space design. The mosaic commercial space is in a trend of continuous change and designers should not be limited to the design circle, it is recommended to actively explore the changes in life, adapt to the development of the times, and design the commercial space suitable for this era. Hengsheng believes that IP is the embodiment of the brand's three-dimensional, and the future will be an IP era. Business should be laid out and designed according to its functions, and on this basis, innovative ideas should be added. Each material has its own attributes and values, designers need to integrate the relationship and meaning of materials and space and light through design language. The temperature of physical properties in space directly affects the user's emotions. The future business space will be based on story, which can make people remember. When designers design brands, in-depth understanding of its products, concepts, and extraction as elements, reflected in the space. Hengsheng Crystal Mosaic will always attach great importance to the development of mosaic designer channels, and will continue to pay attention to new design trends in the future, bringing more exciting content to designers!
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