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How to Buy Mosaic Tiles?

by:Heng Xing     2020-06-13
From the ancient times to modern times, mosaic is popular with people. It is small, colorful and available in variety of types. It can be collaged into many kinds of shapes and images to express the designer's taste and idea in interior. Don't you think it amazing? Currently, it has become the favorite of fashion followers. They pave the walls and the floors of their bathrooms with mosaic tiles. With these small and colorful tiles, they make their bathrooms unique and magnificent. Do you also want to make your bathroom unique? Do you know how to buy the mosaic tile? The following is some tips on this aspect. I hope they are useful to your purchase. 1 You should buy the mosaic which is smooth and of the same specification. When you buy mosaics tiles, you should buy those with the same specification, which means they should be of the same size. In addition, you should notice whether their edges and backs are smooth. You can put a piece of mosaic tile on a ground level and observe. If it can be put on the ground without any gap, it is good. What's more, the back of the tile should be covered with adhering layer. 2 You should buy the mosaic that is made perfectly. Firstly, you can touch its glaze layer to feel if it has good slip resistance ability. Then you should observe how thick it is. The thickness of the mosaic decides how high its density is. The mosaic with high density has low water absorption. 3 You should buy the mosaic that is colored evenly. Generally speaking, if the mosaic is painted with patterns, the patterns should account for 20% of the mosaic's total areas, and the pattern should be distributed evenly. You can pave some tiles on the place with bright light and observe if they are made shinely. 4 You should buy the mosaic with low water absorption. Water absorption is the main factor to guarantee whether the mosaic can be used for a long time. You can drop some water on its back to check. If the water flows to its edge, it has high water absorption and it is of high quality. If the water seeps through the tile, its water absorption is high, and you can't buy it. 5 You should buy the mosaic with tough and strong backing paper. If the backing paper of the mosaic tiles is good, it won't be torn up, creased or damaged easily.
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