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How to Choose Quality Mosaic Tiles?

by:Heng Xing     2020-06-07
Mosaic tiles are considered to be the best decoration material to be paved on floors and walls in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and swimming pool. But the whole decoration process with such material involves purchasing, paving and maintenance. Here we simply list few tips for you to follow. Before purchasing, we should firstly observe the profile of the tile to see whether the pattern is evenly painted and whether the tile shape is irregular. Besides, defections such as color deference, deflation and cracks should also be heeded against. Then, we could also evaluate the quality of the tiles by stroking it. Generally speaking, the more clear and crispy the sound is, the higher the quality they get. As for the hardness of mosaic tiles, we could carry out experiment. First, we drip water drops over the surface of the tile and then observe how fast the water drops are being absorbed. As the hardness of mosaic tiles are reversely proportionate to its water absorption rate. So we can tell that the slower is the water being absorbed, the higher is the density of the tile and the better is its hardness. The size of the tile should also be concerned. The size of tiles has to be standard so that they can be equally aligned after being paved on the floor or wall. Ordinarily, the size, grade and specifications of the mosaic tiles sheet are printed on the packing. But there are often difference between the written size and the actual size. Therefore, it is advisable that we should measure the size of tiles to decide whether it is standard. Still, we should pay attention to the luster of the sheet you choose. An easy method is to combine nine pieces of mosaic tiles into a square and then place them flatly on floor under sufficient sunlight exposure. And then we stand in 1.5 meters away from the tiles and observe with eyes to see whether the luster is even. If not, the mosaic tiles are likely to fade in color after being paved on walls, especially in bathroom. Lastly, we should also consider whether the color or pattern of the tiles fits the whole atmosphere of the home thus to reach the visual accordance. After all, the decoration style of a house had better be unified. In all, since the brands and raw materials of mosaic tiles are various in the market, we need to follow these criteria to find the best glass mosaic tile.
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