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How to Go About Replacing a Cracked Tile

by:Heng Xing     2020-05-19
Replacing a broken tile is not particularly complicated, but if you do not know how to go about it then it can seem impossible. Here is a quick guide to replacing a tile, whether you have wall tiles or floor tiles, so that you do not have to hire in a professional to do it for you. Gather the Right Equipment The first thing to do to replace floor tiles or wall tiles which have cracked is to get together all of the tools that you will need. These include: Hammer Crow bar Trowel Grout, grout scraper and grout float Sponge Safety glasses (wear these throughout the procedure) Thin-bed mortar 1. Scrape Out the Grout The first thing to do is to use your grout scraper to scrape out all of the old grout in the joints. Do this all the way around the tile until all of the grout has been removed and is no longer holding the tile in place. 2. Break and Remove the Tile Use the hammer to break the tile by hitting it hard in the centre. Once it is broken you can then use the crow bar or the other end of the hammer to lift the tile, then take all of the pieces out and put them somewhere safe to discard. Be careful here not to damage any of the surrounding floor tiles or wall tiles or you might have to replace more than one! 3. Scrape Out the Mortar Once all the pieces are out, you need to scrape out the thin-bed mortar which previously stuck the tile to the surface. You should scrape this out right down to the concrete so that the surface is once again flat and smooth. 4. Apply New Mortar You should then mix your thin-bed mortar with water to form a paste, and using the trowel you should apply this to the surface. 5. Place New Tile Once the surface has been prepared, take the new tile and rest it onto the thin-bed mortar, pressing it down all over until you are sure that it is stuck in place. 6. Apply the Grout Then mix up your grout to form a paste, take the grout float and smear the paste into all of the joints until they are full. 7. Clean the Tile The surrounding floor tiles and wall tiles will be covered in the paste as well so you will now need to clean the area. Take your sponge, wring it out with water and wipe it over the surface once, then wash it out and do the same again. Repeat this process until the area is clean, and then simply leave the tile to dry. Conclusion Get Fixing Hopefully this guide will provide you with an idea of how to replace floor tiles or wall tiles when one of your own breaks without having to call out a specialist. However, if you are still unsure then it may be worth hiring a pro to do the job for you so that you don't end up making the problem worse.
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