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Jin Yitao's quality Enterprise won the 4th Foshan Municipal Government Quality Award

by:Heng Xing     2019-10-28
After August 5, 2019- A three-day on-site review from August 7, August 24, 2019- On September 2, the 10-day public announcement, Jin Yitao group won the'Foshan Quality Award' This is the ceramic brand represented by Jin Yitao, which has won the highest honor in Foshan's quality field. Guangdong jinyitao Ceramics Group Co. , Ltd. , Guangdong Xinbao Electric Appliance Co. , Ltd. , Foshan oshennuo Ceramics Co. , Ltd. , Foshan Haitian (Gao Ming) Seasoning Food Co. , Ltd. , Foshan Weishang Furniture Manufacturing Co. , Ltd. and Guangdong Huachang Aluminum Factory Co. , Ltd. were identified as Foshan Municipal Government Quality Award enterprises in 2019. 'Foshan Municipal Government Quality Award' It is the highest quality honor award set up by Foshan Municipal People's Government to examine the comprehensive operation strength of the enterprise. The winning enterprises need to be registered in Foshan city, have legal person status, excellent quality management, and are in a leading position in the industry in terms of products, services, engineering, management quality, independent innovation ability and market competitiveness, enterprises that have made outstanding contributions to Foshan's economic and social development. The selection began for the first time in 2013. 'Foshan Municipal Government Quality Award' Since then, it has been selected every two years. As of this award, only 15 of the many enterprises in Foshan have won the award. This year's Quality Award undoubtedly attracted more enterprises to participate in the competition. Jin Yitao group finally stood out among a large number of well-known Foshan enterprises with its outstanding strength and was shortlisted for the award. As early as April 28, 2019, Foshan Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau issued' Notice on launching 2019 Foshan Municipal Government Quality Award application', The expert group review follows' Science, justice, fairness and openness' The principle is to select more than 30 enterprises in the city to participate and select the top 10 enterprises to enter the on-site evaluation stage. August 5, 2019-August 7, 4th'Foshan Municipal Government Quality Award' The on-site jury visited the headquarters of jinyitao and held the first meeting with the group's chairman He Wei and other senior members of the group to conduct a review of the report leadership chapter, the report strategy chapter and the report of each chapter. Exhibition Hall review production base review site review last meeting Jin Yitao group, as a leading enterprise in the industry, strives for excellence in products, services and innovation capabilities, the company has formed a good atmosphere of pursuing excellence and independent innovation. Adhere to the product, international Road as the core of the enterprise, with innovation and technology as the cornerstone of development, committed to enhance the brand, innovative technology, innovative marketing and other ways to continue to enhance the driving force of enterprise development. Looking to the future, Jin Yitao Group will set sail and create another glory based on its solid internal strength. ▲ Guangdong jinyitao Group headquarters, in recent years, the ceramic industry has carried out thorough upgrading and transformation, and has made great achievements by improving the quality and safety of products and creating a modern quality home environment. At present, the competitiveness of a number of high-quality ceramic enterprises represented by Jin Yitao has reached or even exceeded the international first-class level. The foreign production lines of Malaysia and Italy are integrated with the production lines of Jingdezhen and Foshan, let Jin Yitao integrate high-quality resources at home and abroad from a global perspective, gradually break through trade barriers and further explore the international market. He Wei, chairman of Jin Yitao, He Wei, chairman of Jin Yitao, said that we sincerely thank the Foshan quality award review group for their attention and support to Jin Yitao. Jin Yitao has adhered to the differentiated route since its 15th anniversary, only in the fierce industry competition can we stabilize the leading brand in the field of Chinese Antique bricks. Some people say that 2019 is the most difficult year in the first ten years and the best year in the next ten years. I believe that only through continuous innovation and quality, Jin Yitao can continue to be at the forefront of the industry in many aspects such as market, products and word of mouth. ▲ Jin Yitao all-ceramic home experience Hall. Starting from 2019, Jin Yitao officially carried out all-ceramic home research and development, production and promotion. The company launched all-ceramic home products combining ceramic tiles and aluminum profiles, it can not only meet the requirements of all aspects of human settlements, but also pay more attention to creating a sense of comfort and unity in the overall space, so that the texture can be integrated into daily life, which is in line with the development trend of the entire home industry. ▲ Jinyi Tao green energy new material is one of the standard participating units of 'foamed ceramic partition board'. At the same time, Jinyi Tao green energy new material processes industrial solid waste into light foamed ceramics to realize green circulation and fire insulation. And other high-quality features. Catering to the development tide of prefabricated buildings, providing professional wall solutions for prefabricated buildings and green buildings, in response to the call of national energy conservation and emission reduction, prefabricated building policies, jin Yitao also further enhanced its core competitiveness. ▲ The Italian to product legislation had get diverse quality awards'Foshan Municipal Government Quality Award' It is Foshan's specific action to pursue manufacturing quality. This year, jinyitao won the Quality Award, which is not only the government and society's affirmation of jinyitao's 15-year development, but also the continuous improvement of the internal product quality of the enterprise, operation mode and good social reputation supervision power. In the future, Jin Yitao promises to establish a quality industry, establish a benchmark for industry quality management, and cooperate with the government to guide Foshan ceramic industry to further enhance its independent innovation and excellent quality management capabilities to achieve quality improvement and efficiency. (Source: Enterprise)
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