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Limestone Tile Flooring - The Modern Choice To

by:Heng Xing     2020-06-02
Natural stone tiles have a unique beauty and elegance, which can transform any dull space into a bright and colourful space. Unlike the popular belief, limestone tile flooring suits both classic and modern looks equally. By using the varied finishes and textures, you can easily create different looks in your home. Limestone is extremely popular for use in kitchens and bathrooms. This tile gives a soft ambience with its natural earthy colours and exciting venation patterns. The colours are also earthy and natural. The colour palette usually ranges from beige to browns. These colours usually match any decor or theme. So we can confidently say that they are the most modern choices for the kitchens of today. Kitchen floors- Kitchen floors need beautiful and durable tiles that do not stain or scratch easily. Natural tiles have a tendency to stain or scratch easily, if not sealed well. So, after installation of limestone tiles, apply a good quality sealant to protect the stone. Acidic spills can etch the stones, so spills should be cleaned immediately. Usually after a sealant application, the stones are easily maintained. Polished or honed varieties suit modern kitchens well. Choose the colours of the floors according to the colours of the cabinets and walls. Grouting the floor tiles is another important aspect to consider. Match the colour of the tile to the grout for a modern finish. Use of neutral colours is in vogue right now. So, choose light beiges or creams for the floor, and match them with neutral coloured walls and elegant counter tops. Add coordinating bright accents on the backsplashes for a touch of character. Use of large format limestone tile flooring enhances the overall look of the kitchen. Kitchen worktops- Limestone tiles are used on the countertops of modern kitchens. Modern designers are finding new ways of using this natural stone to increase the beauty of modern kitchens. Use these on the walls or backsplashes for a modern decor and finish. This natural stone is also used on table tops in the gardens or as tops of book shelves and cabinets. Modern designing is all about using these stones differently and innovatively. Limestone tile flooring adorns the floors of commercial spaces like malls and hotels etc. High traffic modern malls are using this elegant and classic stones in an artistic way. So how can our kitchens stay behind? By changing the laying patterns or using modern shapes and sizes, you can now use them in modern apartments and condominiums. Limestone flooring looks great even on porches and balconies of apartments.
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