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【Look at the trend and see with 'self] This year's Bologna trend sharing, 'a little degree '!

by:Heng Xing     2020-04-11
On the afternoon of October 20, the trend view of the 2019 Bologna building materials exhibition in Italy was held grandly. This activity was founded by Nanzhuang town in China (Small town) The office of the work leading group, the China Ceramic headquarters and the summary of ceramic industry highlights were jointly sponsored by SDK ceramic tiles and Vanke Jinyu time, attracting nearly 600 guests and media friends to attend the event, and the event was packed. [Event site] host Li Songzhu, founder of Guangdong Dedao Consulting Co. , Ltd. , at the beginning of the event, Ms. Tang Jieming, general manager of China Ceramic headquarters operationsChange' For the theme, I shared some innovative forms in this event, such as large screen, big stage and new interaction, hoping to bring more experience and interaction to the guests on the spot. ▲ Tang Jieming, general manager of China ceramics headquarters, shared some innovative changes in the park in the past two years: first, younger. Tao era and Tao cube, as the creative office exhibition hall created by China Ceramic headquarters in the past two years, may have different colors and techniques from traditional ceramics, china's ceramic headquarters base will greet the Post-00 and Post-90 s with a younger attitude! Second, smaller. Tao Chuang space is a joint office space that can accommodate teams of as small as individuals and as large as 12 people, providing opportunities and platforms for more small units. Third, community. C- Park apartment is the first supporting part of the park, defining the middle and high-end apartment crowd. Through C- The completion of park apartment will retain more core people and establish social circles and ecological circles. Guests gathered to describe the trend of the Niya exhibition, Shanghai cl ateliers, Taipei Design Project host HBI European high-end tile strategic design general consultant Zhu Baiyang from the perspective of designer imagination, based on the two categories of scenes and materials, this paper analyzes the scene observation and material application at the manniya exhibition. He believes that the use of materials is how to use the concept of space aesthetics to form a style in space, and combine the lights with the space itself to tell the story. He said at the end,' We don't think ceramic tiles are a symbol, a product, a ceramic tile called ceramic tiles. I think we can get rid of such things. . . . . . Because we have long-term channels to communicate fully with designers and even with customers in engineering, if we can treat materials as aesthetics, I think the ceramic industry in China will definitely be more powerful, stronger and more international in the future. ' ▲ Foshan Weige tile Co. , Ltd. CEO Yao WenjiangBologna read thick feeling' For the theme, I shared with you the five major trends in the Shaanxi exhibition: First, China's total ceramic tile output will drop to 30 to 4 billion square meters, and the number of enterprises and employees will still drop on a large scale; Second, the exhibition activities can focus on marketing strategies and produce practical benefits, not just show their faces and stick to them; Third, it is more comprehensive, and the gray fabric technology combines the printing process without obvious glaze layer; Fourth, learn product trends from Italian exhibitions, and look for product trends from market and user needs. Fifth, it is possible for local categories to reach or exceed Italian levels, such as thick bricks. General manager of Guangzhou Fenghe rili Enterprise Planning Co. , Ltd. , Zhang Wei, zhang Xiaolong shared her views on the Monia exhibition from four aspects: MIX channel MIX combination products, MIX product design, MIX process combination design and MIX application combination design. She believes that the 2019 Bologna exhibition pays more attention to the price-to-price ratio. First, it is not a craft without high-end atmosphere; Second, all kinds of Formula dry grain glaze MIX flash mainstream; Third, these processes are in use in China. There is no imagination of product sources in China, and product stories, product design and product processes cannot be systematically combined. Facing the Chennai exhibition Application combination design of MIX', She shared' Promotion guided by space application' Development and promotion methods: first, according to the sales channel to develop full specifications, multi-thickness, rich color, multi-match. Second, according to the single store model with development and promotion, both full space, with saturation, specifications echo. ▲ Secretary general of Foshan Ceramic Industry Association, Yan Hong and Yan Hong shared some trends at the exhibition with the theme of technology and design leading product change: first, large-size general body, it is the ultimate weapon of tile and stone, and the result is self-evident; Second, ceramic tiles are widely used outdoors, and thick bricks become an important category; Third, the tile color is changing from plain to elegantWarm'The direction of gradual progress; Fourth, digital glaze, digital molds, digital fabrics and other decorative technologies are personalized, which is another revolution in glaze technology and appearance decoration; Fifth, the superposition application of various processes is a must for personalization and differentiation; Sixth, the homogenization of ceramic tile products, personalized and differentiated design and application. At the end of the event, Ms. Tang Jieming, general manager of China ceramics headquarters, presented the 2019 trend fashion Character Award to four guests. Amoy trend fashion figures, this is a feast for watching the mainstream trend of the ceramic industry in the future market, and it is also a grand gathering of industry exchanges. Through the multi-dimensional and authoritative sharing of different guests, many new thoughts and help have been brought to the industry. At the same time, industry experts, leaders and media have gathered to make suggestions for the healthy development of the industry.
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