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Perfect Laying of Vinyl Kitchen Tiles

by:Heng Xing     2020-04-19
The kitchen can be totally transformed into a new place by doing this yourself. The colourful variants available in the market will make the floor look fresh and new. This whole process can be completed within a day. Even for beginners, who tend to make mistakes, the vinyl flooring tiles can be replaced very easily. The first step is to take out the shoe molding from the edges of the floor and the base of the walls. Use a crow bar to do this. However, protect the walls by placing a card board between the wall and the crow bar. Wear gloves and safety goggles before doing this for protection. Plywood with a quarter inch thickness should be placed on the existing flooring. This should be secured with the help of underlayment nails. Once the plywood is secured, check for any uneven surfaces and low lying spaces. To even out the whole surface, a levelling compound should be used. The levelling compound must be spread well on the plywood. Use gloves while doing this work. Let this dry, and smooth the whole surface with a 100-grit sand paper. The surface has to become smooth and even. Now, lay the tiles upside down next to the door jambs. Using a saw, cut the jamb, so that, it comes to the same level as the height of the tile. Take precautions while using an undercut saw. The tiles should fit comfortably under the jamb. Do this for all the door jambs. Now remove the dust and debris with a vacuum cleaner. Measure and find the midpoints for the opposite walls and draw lines connecting them. Use a framing square at the corners and draw perpendicular lines to the original lines. Now, place the tiles at the corners with the lines as your guide. Peel off the adhesive strips at the back and press them to the plywood. Secure them well. Now do the same thing in all the corners and then finish tiling the rest of the room. Take care that the tiles are laid as close to the walls, as possible. If any tile needs to be cut to fit in the edges, use a tile cutter or a blunt knife. The tile should be market correctly, before you cut it and then paste it on the floor securely. The vinyl tile cuts easily with a vinyl tile cutter. However, safety goggles are necessary here, as the chips from the tile might enter the eyes. Once all of them are laid, roll a j-roller over the floor. This ensures that all of them are stuck to the floor and there are no loose ones. The shoe molding that was removed earlier can be reinstalled using appropriate finishing nails.
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