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Proper Care Of Broken Ceramic Tiles For Your Home

by:Heng Xing     2020-04-15
If you have a floor with ceramic tiles, you can cherish its beauty and elegance for many years. Though ceramic tiles can last for many decades, they are not indestructible. Chance of breakage and chipping spoils the look of the surface. But, the damaged tile is easily removed without causing damage to the surrounding tiles. These floors develop cracks if a heavy object falls on them with great force. And the crack accumulates dust and dirt. The look of the floor spoils with one broken or cracked tile. If the floor in question is in the kitchen, then there is a chance that even grease and oil gets accumulated. Cleaning such cracks is difficult and the only option left is to remove the tile and replace it with a new one. Often, getting the same coloured ceramic tile is not possible. The colour and pattern may have been discontinued by the manufacturers. During the process of first installation, buying a few boxes more makes sense. Replacing the broken or chipped tiles with the same coloured or patterned one will not change the look of the floor. Do this process with finesse and skill. Do this on a leisurely day, when no other distractions are present. See that you allot some time for the removal and replacement. Locate the replacement tile in advance and clean it properly. Buy the necessary adhesive and grout, to match the replacing tile. Repair and replacement needs some skill. If you have saved tiles from earlier installation, then the replaced tile will merge smoothly with the rest of the floor. To begin the process, find the necessary tools to remove the broken one. Start by cutting away the surrounding grout carefully around the damaged tile. Take ample time and do this process with precision. Sudden jerks or movements can cause the neighboring tiles to chip or crack. Once you remove the grout around the tile completely, use a cold chisel and a sledgehammer to lift the damaged one. You can also use a rotary tool with a cutting attachment to make an 'x' on the surface. Use small chiseling strokes to remove the ceramic tile in small pieces. This way you can easily remove the damaged tile. Take proper care while using the tools. Use protective gloves and goggles while working with the tools. Chips and bits of the ceramic tiles fly around and can cause damage to the eyes and hands. So experts recommend the use of protective gear while working. Once, you remove the old tile; place the new one in that space. Apply grout according to the manufacturer's instructions around the joints of the new one. Putty knife is a good tool to use for this process. Remove any excess grout and wait for a few minutes. Use a damp sponge to remove the excesses. Place the ceramic tile in place of the old one and wait for 24 hours. Do not disturb the floor, during the drying process.
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