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The Newest Trends In Floor Tiles

by:Heng Xing     2020-04-24
In this modern year of 2012, natural materials are giving way to ceramic and porcelain. Floor tiles with these options are hard wearing, light in weight and very easy to install. The natural materials are set aside for this trendy year as they are costlier than the manufactured varieties. People with homes that have spacious rooms prefer these tiles within a limited budget. Oversized ones are the talk of the day. They are highly fashionable and create a luxurious look like the posh hotel rooms. Some of the new looks are discussed below. A� Using ceramic or porcelain. Opt for a subtle colour with minimal design. These should not have any texture and should reflect a cool atmosphere. A� Neutral grey porcelain in many textures gives rise to a super luxurious room. A� Wet rooms like the bathrooms can use ceramic wall and floor tiles in the latest designs with steel finishes. A� Tiles are being recommended for living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms. The use of carpets is an old fashioned idea. A good textured tile is great for the living spaces of the entire house. A� Reclaimed varieties, recycled, vintage and other classical designs with attractive finishes are wonderful ways to improve the character of your home. A� Monochrome designs are the trendy types. Traditional choices can work for both new and rustic country style homes. A� Reclaimed bricks can do the trick for traditional, and farmhouse style kitchens floors. A� Victorian varieties with great patterns and beautiful designs are suited for antique finishes in old style homes. A� Black and white coloured ones in the hexagonal shapes add wonderful detail to the bathroom floors A� If you want to make a room look wider, choose the laying methods differently. A diagonal laying pattern will be interesting. A� Ceramic ones with a timber look are considered a fashionable option for floors. They are the ideal ones for kitchens and bathrooms. A� Oversized and large format tiles are the latest additions to the home improvement world of fashion. A� The tile patterns should show continuity with the indoor and outdoor areas. A� Colours like the electric blue, charcoal grey and olive green can be used in combination with subtle neutral shades. A� Stone tiles for the outside walls are trending right now. Opt for well sealed and non slip ones in the wet rooms. A� A seamless look for the floor tiles is achieved by using the same colour grout. This makes the floor look uniform. A� Text inspired prints in black are very trendy for both walls and floors. A� Graphic tiles with great patterns and colours can create a casual mood. These are used to tell stories in spaces that do not require a traditional look. A� Rectified porcelain tiles give a streamlined look with little effort on maintenance. A� Metallics in bronze tones create timeless elegance in the rooms of homes or offices. Eclectic shapes and finishes of floors look cool in non traditional living spaces.
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