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The total price index of fotao has increased by a large market

by:Heng Xing     2019-11-04
China in September (Foshan)The ceramic price index is 93. 39 points, up 7. 38%, building ceramic Series Index is 91. 66, up 8. 41%, sanitary ceramic Series Index is 103. 80, a month-on-month increase of 2. 20%. This month, Foshan ceramic market is in good condition. Affected by the traditional peak season, the building ceramic Series Index is obviously affected by the weight products. All kinds of products are up and down, and the overall market is stable and upward. In September, the index of building ceramics series rose significantly month on month, with porcelain pieces with unilateral specifications between 400 and 800 rising 1. 04%; Unilateral specification is 400- Marble Tiles between 800 rose 1. Month on month. 22%; Unilateral specification is 400- Modern antique bricks between 800 rose month on month. 65%; Wood grain tiles and negative ion tiles have increased significantly as a whole, with unilateral specifications at 400- Wood grain bricks between 800 rose month on month. 28%, unilateral specifications ≥800 wood grain brick rose month on month. 37%, unilateral ≤ 400 negative ion tiles rose month on month. 37%. However, products such as Xiwa, polished tiles and glazed tiles have declined slightly, but the decline has not been removed by 1 percentage point, which has little impact on the overall architectural ceramic Series Index. By'Gold nine silver Ten' The impact of this traditional peak season, the market is thriving, with a unilateral specification of 400- Products between 800 are most favored by the market, with considerable turnover and rising market turnover. The index of sanitary ceramics series rose slightly. Except for the slight decline in the index of toilet bowl, all other major indexes showed an upward trend, with small chopsticks, facial cleansers and squatting chopsticks rising by 10. 43%, 0. 64%, 24. 29%, wall-mounted small Kang and squatting Kang of weighted products rose sharply, while other classified indexes rose and fell in a small range. Pissing this month average price 260. 64/piece, up 139 from last month. 76 yuan/piece; Wall-hung urinals-this month average price 1249. 87/piece, up significantly from last month; The average price of floor-mounted small pomelo this month was 1509/piece, a big drop from last month, but a higher turnover than last month. From the index point of view, the prospects of wall-mounted small chopsticks, facial cleansers and squatting chopsticks are optimistic, and the market turnover and turnover have made a big breakthrough compared with last month. Overall for September a Foshan ceramic bathroom market by'Gold nine silver Ten' The impact of this traditional peak season and tooling channels has increased significantly. Among them, the architectural ceramic Series Index has rebounded at a high level, and some weight product indexes have risen significantly, and the market conditions are stable and long; The sanitary ceramics Series Index and market turnover have increased slightly, and the market is stable and upward. It is predicted that the total price index of Foshan ceramics will rise and fall slightly within a rational range in September. Note: Since August 2019, Foshan ceramic price index has been optimized and upgraded, the index name has been completely changed, some backward products have been removed, and new product data such as ceramic panels have been added for analysis. ( From Foshan China Taocheng Group Co. , Ltd)
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