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Tile Cleaning With Acid

by:Heng Xing     2020-04-10
Tile and grout floors are known as one of the most durable, but they are also known as the most difficult to keep clean because of the porous nature. The porosity of the floor causes it to absorb food contaminants and dirty mop water especially in restrooms where this can cause foul odors and unsanitary conditions. When cleaning a tile floor, most people grab bleach and/or acid based cleaners in an attempt to resolve the issues. Acids may be good at cleaning tile, but there are drawbacks if the concentration is too strong or they are too often. In addition to dissolving hard water deposits, hydrochloric based acids will damage the structure of the grout and if it is too aggressive, can cause the grout to erode and emit vapors that will cause metal fixtures such as faucets and stainless steel partitions to tarnish. It is not the actual soil that the acids dissolve, it is the minerals the soil is attached to that are dissolved and washed away with the rinse water. Bleach however, is not classified as a cleaning product but is an excellent disinfectant and will whiten whatever surface it comes in contact with. Acids and bleach is a good temporary remedy but do not offer long-term solutions for the issues with tile and grout floors. Investing in a tile restoration system is a much more effective method used to clean a floor that will both restore the floor to a 'like new' condition and sanitize the surface. A tile and restoration system will remove and extract all embedded food contaminants and soil as well as provide a permanent, non porous grout overlay, instead of grout stain or paint plus a shield that is durable, instead of a floor finish that will not only withstand foot traffic but also cleaning chemicals. Installing a tile restoration system will eliminate having to use bleach and harsh acid cleaning because it will both clean and shield the surface, which will also eliminate surface porosity. Because of this shielding, food contaminants, soil and dirt are no longer able to penetrate allowing the surface to stay attractive with proper maintenance. So, you can throw away the acids and bleach and say hello to an effective, sustainable and affordable alternative called the tile restoration system. If you are working in a commercial building, it may be more beneficial to use a tile and grout restoration company for the job.
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