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Travertine Mosaic - Create Interesting Patterns

by:Heng Xing     2020-06-11
Meticulous artistry goes into the creation of travertine mosaic tiles. Any surface of your home can display these artistic creations, which look like fitted pieces of jigsaw puzzle. Interlocking square tiles of many colours and textures fit together like a finished puzzle. If you are looking for a professionally finished look in your home, then stone mosaic should be your choice. They add a polished and classic beauty to any room. They consist of crystallized minerals along with limestone and are being used since the Roman Empire. Many architectural marvels of the Roman Empire have been constructed using the natural stone of travertine. You will find many finishes and types of travertine. Each of them has its own beauty and elegance. For example, you can choose from the roman travertine from Italy, Mexican Durango, or the ivory travertine form turkey, to add a unique character to your home. Decorators use the stone mosaics in many different ways. A popular use is to place them as accents in any room. They are available in many sizes and shapes. Freestyle or mesh designs are easy to install. The mesh design mosaics are versatile in use as they can be moulded or cut into different widths or strips to accentuate specific focal points on your walls. While talking about the finishes, you should know that the polished finish of travertine mosaic fits formal decors and adds the right touch of elegance. Tumbled finish is achieved by a special process of rolling the stones along with certain stones. This tumbled finish is ideal for a shower wall, floor around the tub, or a kitchen backsplash. Flooring of bathrooms, patios, porches also look good in this finish. If your bathroom has tumbled travertine flooring, choose the honed finish for the wall, to achieve a nice contrast. Filled and honed finish is not shiny but smooth. Brushed and chiselled finish creates a rustic outlook. If you are looking an old style look, then brushed finish is the right choice. Pitted stones have a lot of pores or troughs in the stones and are ideal for exteriors. Polished ones, usually used in the interiors of the homes are filled to reduce the porosity. This stone mosaic is popularly used in many areas of the home like the countertops, backsplashes, floors, exteriors and walls. This stone is considered to be a cross between marble and limestone. Certain colours of this stone can be easily mistaken for marble. Generally you will find shades like ivory, beige, gold, reddish tones and brown. The colour of the stone depends on the amount of iron present in the stone. The textures are unique and range from smooth to very rough, based on the finish. The aesthetic appeal and the durability are two main benefits of travertine mosaic. Sealant is necessary for places with more water usage. With a little diligence, the stunning surface of this stone can be maintained for many years in a good shape.
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