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Travertine Mosaic Tiles - Imparts Elegance And

by:Heng Xing     2020-04-06
Travertine mosaic tiles have been used by the Romans in their exquisite architecture due to their durability and unique finish. They have also been used by the Turkish in their bathhouses. These tiles can be obtained in different finishes. Each of the finishes is unique and has a separate utility. Major tile finishes available are: Honed finish Polished Brushed or Tumbled finish Honed tiles have a matte appearance. Polished tiles possess a glossy or shiny appearance. Brushed or tumbled tiles lend an antique look to the area they are fitted in. These tiles have been in vogue ever since the Romans, and their exquisite design and looks have inspired even modern-day engineers and builders to come up with innovative patterns and designs. Travertine mosaic tiles are available in various colors and finishes that are sure to meet your expectations and taste. These awe-inspiring tiles come in three main forms: Gold Mesh Mounted: These are the most popular of the tiles and come in different patterns and colors. The gold color of these tiles is simply a treat to the eyes. Diamond Pattern: This is the modern version of the tiles and they give a contemporary feel to the area they are tiled in. They can be used in the kitchen, especially, to give the area a complete makeover. Mix Mesh Mounted Tile: These tiles lend a designer look and come in uniform patterns. Travertine mosaic tiles are the first choice of those of you who desire sophisticated interiors and quality. These can be equally applied in residential as well as commercial buildings. They are versatile and can be applied anywhere at all in the home. They can be mounted on walls or laid on floors. They are also ideal for kitchen backsplash, swimming pool, and countertops. It doesn't stop with good looks when it comes to these. They are equally durable and hard wearing and would last you long. They are also reasonably priced and can suit your pockets. These can be installed easily. You can handle the task of tiling them all by yourself if you want to. Alternatively, you can call in a professional to handle the tiling. One important factor that has to be considered while tiling them is that they are composed of sedimentary rock and need to be sealed as they are porous. This becomes all the more important if you are laying them in areas of high moisture such as bathrooms or the swimming pool. However, only minimal maintenance is required as these are composed of natural stone. They can be especially used in areas of high foot traffic as their endurance is contributed by their hardness. Thus, their durability and understated elegance make them the apt choice for use in not only homes but also commercial buildings.
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